In account holders may elect to buy and use

In today’s fast-paced
modern society vast amounts of important personal data are being shared every
second these include passwords, personal identification documents credit card numbers
bank account details and personal health records large organizations find it
hard to cope with this demand and struggle to keep valid

Authenticated data
available at all times the crypto community is also struggling to find new ways
to utilize digital currency while ensuring acceptance and security.

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DIW provides the solution
by utilizing the power of blockchain technology to securely store validate and
share personal information our project aims to provide the ultimate solution
when it comes to securing the sensitive personal information by developing and
providing you with a decentralized digital identification wallet keeping all of
your virtual life safely stored or authenticated and available at all times for
maximum security, account holders may elect to buy and use a personalized
Hardware wallet developed and supplied by DIW for its premium members
furthermore every DIW holder will be able to purchase or sell products and
services and pay or get paid in either crypto or fiat currency whilst at the
same time earning positive feedback on the smart DIW global directory on their
way to become trusted platinum holders our aim is to provide unprecedented
levels of security and transparency to DIW holders in their everyday
transactions be it between individuals organizations or both bridging both
worlds through a single entry point within a decentralized environment to
further enhance the validity of transactions DIW introduces an escrow service
based on smart contracts monitoring and safeguarding transactions ultimately DIW
also aims to introduce blockchain technology within the medical community personal
healthcare records will be kept safely within the network thus ensuring our
integrity availability and validity improving trust between individuals medical
personnel and health related organizations saving money time and ultimately

Blockchain technology provides
endless possibilities for the enhancement of life DIW introduces these to the
real world join the DIW movement and decentralize the security of your virtual
life participate in the distribution of DIW crypto tokens