In 1920’s medicine back then wasn’t very useful as

In the 1920’s technology really started to improve and when inventions started to come in to the world with more brilliant minds coming in just as fast. I feel that the World War was really the right amount encouragement to get people to work on making new methods to live life and win a war that might come up again. Some of those inventions made by brilliant minds was the airplane invented by the Wright Brothers, Radio invented by Guglielmo Marconi, and penicillin discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming.During the 1920’s medicine back then wasn’t very useful as it is now, so when a antibiotics was invented it was used to fight back against bacteria a person might be having. Since its discovery scientists have “upgraded” that drug to help fight back against disease that are very well known like syphilis. Since penicillin was a very needed drug around the nation it was being produced at extraordinary rates, which meant alot of money was being used, which took a toll on the economy because it wasn’t very good at the time.

If antibiotics(penicillin) was discovered the economy would have to spend billions of dollars on healthcare and would have cost the economy a loss of hundreds of thousands of people, maybe even millions. In the “roaring twenties” one of the most useful inventions used for propaganda and not only for that but just communication in general was the radio. The radio was a huge part of  the economy because it brought advertising into homes without people having to go deliver newspapers or going door to door. Another effect on the economy with the radio was consumer goods and  it “helped the U.S. grow as a consumer economy as the 1920’s boom roared away.” Through the radio’s very large distribution, the economy or the people of the states became more of a “United society.

” As the radio was being proven to be a nice use of people’s down time,(which i assume was often because of how often people listened) which meant more “choices for entertainment, this led to a culture that is very centered in having fun.” This brilliant invention was not only used for entertainment or propaganda, it was also used for the president to address the nation for something important or even warn the people of a threat to national security. All of the nation in the 1920’s wasn’t very high tech so this was a big innovative invention that people managed to make as a “capable device of mass communication.” Other than the radio,in the 1920’s the airplane was probably another one of the most used and useful inventions ever and still being used today at a tremendous rate. The development of airplanes in the 1920’s started commercial flying. Commercial flying or just airplanes itself led to world trade and economic growth for our own country. Another reason it became so popular so fast is because if people were trying to travel or see other people out of country or hundreds of miles away, they would have had to use a ship and that might take 2 weeks but with the airplane or commercial flying it could take maybe a three days to fly to its destination.

Airplane’s were really invented in the WW1 times but were only able to carry light loads like mail. It wasn’t until the 1920’s planes had much increased capabilities especially being able to carry people along. The Roaring Twenties was probably the biggest jump to the new age in all of the U.S.

history which led to new inventions that skyrocketed in sales. The Roaring Twenties led to an increase of capabilities in communication, health, normal day activity, entertainment, and transportation. The inventions in the 1920’s led to technologies that no would in that time would possibly even dream of, which is what made the “Roaring Twenties” so special.