Immigrants towards new immigrants. Despite the vast quantity of

Immigrants have built America. Immigrants past and present have traveled to the land of the free to obtain a lifestyle based on the United States’ perception of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The United States sustains a welcoming attitude towards new immigrants.

 Despite the vast quantity of foreigners who desire access into the country, entry into the United States has become much more intricate since the days of Ellis Island. What is the American Dream? It may be different for everyone based on values, but they share the same viewpoints. For instance, In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, an upper-class white male asked for equality for white landowning men. His American dream was to explain to the foreign nations why the colonies had chosen to separate themselves from Great Britain. Also, Martin Luther King, in his I Have a Dream speech, also called for freedom, for African Americans like himself. The dream is reliant mainly on one’s social status.

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        Every year immigrants come to the United States hoping to get an opportunity for a better life. Many of these people believe that the United States is the best place to go because there is freedom, protection, and benefits. Some enter the U.S. because they’re refugees, escaping persecution and civil wars in their home country. Monte Burke in the Forbes 400’s article, “The American Dream Is Alive and Well” (2016), states ” Thomas Peterffy was born in the basement of a Budapest hospital on Sept. 30, 1944.

His mother had moved there because of a Soviet air raid. After the soviets liberated Hungary from Nazi occupation, Hungary became a satellite state, laboring under a different kind of oppression: communism. Peterffy and his family, descended from nobles, lost everything. “We were basically prisoners out there,” he says. As a young man Peterffy dreamed about being free from that- in America.” (Page 62) Peterffy came to the U.

S. with no money and didn’t speak English. He had a single suitcase which held a change of clothes. As his first job, he worked as a draftsman in a surveying firm. Therefore, he learned how to program and opened his consulting business in Wall Street.

By 1970’s Peterffy has saved $200,000 and established a company that founded electronic stock trades. He is now worth an estimate of $12.6 billion.

Peterffy states, ” I believed that in America I could truly reap what I sowed and that the measure of a man was his ability and determination to succeed.” (Page 59) Another example is a korean immigrant Do Won Chang with his wife, Jin Sook who saved $11,000 and opened an apparel store called Fashion 21. Now, this brand is very well known as it was renamed as Forever 21. Additionally, “As an immigrant myself, at a young age, I was instilled with the pursuit of opportunity. Running from the communist Chinese, my family and I had to hike the treacherous lands of the Himalayas as we were poised to reach India. I still have flashbacks of the blinding white snow as my father carried me on his shoulder through the coldest of times.

However, my dad would pray for our safety every morning, as religion was the core of our culture and identity. The prayers of the exiled Dalai Lama and the hope of making it to India for asylum kept us together. The American Dream is that dream of a nation in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with options for each according to capacity or accomplishments. It is a dream of social stability in which each man and each woman shall be able to achieve to the fullest distinction of which they are essentially competent, and be distinguished by others for what they are, despite of the incidental conditions of birth or stance. People consider America the land of opportunities, a new beginning to a new life in which they can strive and succeed. America is known as the land of the free where if you have the perseverance you can achieve what you want from life.

Even though I was very young, I realized the moments of hardships and how thousands of Tibetans like me were going through the same situation. As a proud Buddhist, our religion and his Holiness the Dalai Lama hold a special place in my heart. As we reached the border of India, we were delighted to let go of the fear. Fear of communists, of being chased, of not making it, and fear itself. India was a safer place, but there weren’t various possibilities for social and financial stability as we lived in a refugee camp. With that mindset, my father now wanting the best for our future saved the money he made and decided to move to America with my mom and siblings. Leaving home, I was left with vague feelings and thoughts.

At that age, I felt afraid to leave a world of familiarity behind me, yet I was hopeful for the new experiences and opportunities this new country would provide. I will never forget the endless, 16-hour flight from Delhi to New York. Back home, everyone dreamed of coming to the U.

S. because it was acknowledged to be the land of opportunities and happiness.         As time went on, I apprehended that there was not a suitable place for me. In America, I became competent at deciding my future and using my independence with responsibility. Moreover, United States has been the land of opportunities for immigrants.

Legal immigrants improve the economy, help build the overall image of America internationally, and enrich the cultural aspects. America is known for its diversity. People should have the right to enter this country and have a better life. Coming from a country with not enough earning or education can lead one to move to a land of economic opportunity. That is why the U.

S has the highest number of international students or workers migrating over to enhance the American economy. Every time legal immigrants apply for documents like student visa, working visa, investment visa or permanent residency part of the fee goes to help university or improve and increase American jobs. America is seen as an open, welcoming country. Unlike in Tibet, where the Chinese government had imposed restrictions on our political, educational, and religious rights, in the U.

S. toward each turn, there always is something to learn, something to gain knowledge of, and an opportunity waiting.