Imagine trapping the user in a possibly harmful situation.

Imagine fingers constantly moving with no place to go and legs shaking trying to run wild without command, this would be the daily life of a person with ADHD.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is becoming a rising epidemic and with this epidemic, there has been an upsurge in the production and usage of ADHD medications. The prescription of ADHD has increased by over 100% in the past few years. Therefore, ADHD medication usage should be limited due to misdiagnosis and extreme side effects. The use of ADHD medication should be restricted because factors such as dishonest advertising and the common symptoms of ADHD can lead to misdiagnosis, trapping the user in a possibly harmful situation. Dr. Newmark, head of the pediatric integrative neurodevelopmental program at the University of California, states that “..

.many other problems, such as learning disabilities, anxiety, sleep apnea and child abuse, or a child being gifted, can cause symptoms that may be misdiagnosed as ADHD”. By practitioners hastily prescribing ADHD medicines without taking time to distinguish these symptoms, many are consuming unnecessary ADHD medicine. Furthermore, some mass ADHD medication producing companies trick the public into buying their products. In fact, ” the F.

D.A has cited every major ADHD drug…

for false and misleading advertising since 2000″( “An Epidemic of Attention Deficit Disorder”). When one consumes these medicines with no need frequently, dire consequences could disrupt their everyday lifestyle, weakening them physically and mentally.  One should be cautious when taking ADHD medication regularly. They should look closer into their symptoms and the companies producing their medication to have the security of knowing they aren’t inflicting harm upon themselves through consuming this medication.

To add on, ADHD medications being used as a primary treatment for those who are truly infected with this disorder should be prevented because it can introduce new,serious issues to those who use abuse its use in that manner.The drugs in the medication “… can lead to addiction, and, in rare cases, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, and hallucinations, as well as anxiety, difficulty sleeping  and loss of appetite ” (“An Epidemic of Attention Deficit Disorder”).

Eventually, relationships with others could become weakened and there could be a severe decrease the performance in the user’s daily life. This isolation could intensify more and more as the usage of this medicine is increased. According to Dr. Newmark., “one mother took her child off ADHD medicine because a teacher nothed the girl looked depressed”’. if the medication was a dam holding back her happiness”’ (Newmark). Evidently, ADHD medications fabricate side effects that leave the user vulnerable in many ways. On the other hand, others may argue that ADHD medications”..

.are safe and more effective…alternatives” (Newmark).

Although, “no…studies..

.prove ADHD medications work-or are safe- over..

.long term” (Newmark). Therefore, taking these medications without any limits proves to be risky. ADHD medication can also be pricey, one of the most expensive ADHD medicines costing at $259. The combination of high-priced ADHD medicines and the dangerous side effects that occur through the misuse of this product leads to one to being pressurized constantly by debt and becoming  mentally or emotionally scarred. Although, there are other solutions to handle ADHD. Treatments that have visibly fewer side effects and are affordable exist. An example would be dietary therapies.

A recent study has shown that “…

64% of children with ADHD had…improvement in….

their symptoms when certain foods were eliminated from their diets” (Newmark).  Furthermore, many can manage their diet after a few visits from their doctor or by looking at credible documents over the relationship between a diet and ADHD. The amount of pills someone infected with ADHD consumes must be limited due to the after effects of this medicine and the risk of misdiagnosis.

 Corrupt advertising and the indistinctive symptoms of this attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder causes many to be tricked into purchasing ADHD medication and consuming it on such basis to where there could be a potential threat to themselves. In addition, ADHD meds have caused its patients to be victim to side effects that cause severe injuries to someone emotionally. The dangers of consuming these medications unlimitedly definitely outweigh any benefits of it. Instead of assisting in the healing of ADHD, these medications allow the user to be introduced to new hazardous situations. The use of ADHD medication must be limited.