Ignoring forth the behavioral management perspective. The behavioral management

Ignoring the human behavior and what motivates a person inan organization, the classical management perspective brought forth thebehavioral management perspective.

The behavioral management perspective considershow managers (or leaders) can accomplish improving its organization’sproductivity through human behavior by focusing on a different leadership style.While reading more in-depth about the behavioral managementperspective, I found interesting articles comparing the Maslow’s hierarchy pyramidand Starbucks partner benefits program (Starbucks Staff Motivation Strategies. 2017,June 5.) As a tenured partner, I concur to many of the comparisons.  I believe Starbucks Coffee is an excellent example of acompany that incorporates the behavioral management perspective into itsbusiness core. Based on the company’s former CEO and chairman’s philosophy – treat people like family and they will beloyal and give their all – Howard Schultz understood that not onlyconsidering partners family, but offering partners an immense amount ofbenefits, part time or full time, motivates them to increase the business’sproductivity.

Consisting of five levels, Abraham Maslow created ahierarchy of needs depicted as a pyramid. The lowest level of Maslow’shierarchy of this pyramid is physiological needs. These are basic needs such asfood, pay, and job security. By offering meal breaks and a steady incomeincluding a 401(k), the company’s management (or leadership) has addressed thelowest level of Maslow’s hierarchy successfully satisfying the partner’sphysiological needs. The next level is safety needs. One of the many greatestbenefits that the company offers to its partners is medical, dental, and visioninsurance – no matter part-time or full-time status.

The company also offersshort and long-term disability. In doing so, the company has established theneeds of the partner’s safety. The middle level is social needs. Starbucks addresses theiremployees as partners. “Our employees,who we call partners, are at the heart of the Starbucks Experience.

We believein treating our partners with respect and dignity. (June 2017. StarbucksPartner Guide – U.S. Store Edition, p. 8, par.

3.). The company makes sure thattop, middle, and first level management, and individuals receive the respectand dignity needed to make sure that social needs are meant.

The fourth level addresses esteem needs. The role of the baristais the very first role that any partner belonging with the company will workin. The barista can move up in a company based on a strong work performance andtalents.

The top level of Maslow’s pyramid addresses theself-actualization of an individual in an organization. Through consistent trainingand guidance, partners are left with a sense that the company is investing inits achievements and career goals. The company also offers tuition-free collegethrough its partnership with Arizona State University – just another way the companyhas successfully given its partners the sense of self-actualization.