If Using the messaging services they use every day,

If 2016 was the year chatbotsbecame popular, 2018 is going to be the year of chatbot revolution. ELIZA wasthe first AI chatbot to be created in the mid 60s.

Chatbots have moved fromjust replying with set lines when they read certain keywords to joking withpeople. Cleverbot, a chatbot that imitates people by learning from them (imagebelow) hit the internet in the year 2006, but chatbots have evolved from replyingwith simple sentences to participating in complex dialogues. Chatbots haveupgraded and it’s good news for everyone, especially for business with complexneeds and innovative streak. They’re are not just learning from the end usersbut they’re also mining the internet for information to stay updated andrelevant. chatbots were once limited to memesWhat can a chatbot do to your business?According to the Chatbots Survey 2017chatbots are here to stay – 96% of the respondents of the survey thought thatchatbots are here to stay, 90% of them believe that most businesses don’t havethe awareness on chatbots.

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Did you know after a month of usage, the averageretention rate of users of chatbots is around 40-60% where as the figure isjust 20-40% for apps? Time is right for your business to shift its focus todeveloping a chatbot. The resources you need to develop a chatbot areavailable, all you need to do is choose the right platform, which suits yourneeds.Chatbots for customer servicesChatbots are now replacingcustomer services in many businesses. Although chatbots cannot handle complexscenarios, they’re adept at handling simple and routine queries, whichtypically make up most service requests. Chatbots are effective where thecustomer requests are predictable and the solutions, well known.

Using themessaging services they use every day, users can access your chatbot for the servicesthey require.  This increases yourvisibility and improves accessibility. People who wouldn’t want to install anapp for these requests and services can easily access chatbots from Facebook Messenger,WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc.

Here are a few platforms for the customerservice industry:ChatfuelFor businesses with simple needs,Chatfuel is the best option. Chatfuel not only allows you to integrate yourchatbot with other services, it is also incredibly user friendly. They boastabout allowing you to launch a chatbot in 7 minutes, all you need is a Facebookaccount to create a simple chatbot. Their AI understands simple user requestsand provides answers, and this platform is used by many businesses around theworld. Flow XOThis platform specializes inintegrating and allows you to create bots for multiple publishing platforms.

Youonly need to create the chatbot once to use it on different platforms. Theirbuilt-in templates and ‘drag-drop’ user interface allow you to create a chatboteasily. Flow XO also allows you to save the data from the chats onto differentapps Google Sheets, etc. which will allow you collect data to make data-drivendecisions. Chatbots for e-commerceChatbots are not just changingthe customer service industry, they are also taking pizzaorders from customers. E-commerce is another area where chatbots can performwith ease. While most of the user requests in e-commerce industry can be easilypredictable, one might also encounter complex requests.

You can use chatbots insales, which will allow you to use your personnel on more skilled tasks. Fromletting customers buy services / products to allowing them to ask queries, chatbotswill simplify your task at hand easily. Here are some of platforms fore-commerce businesses:Morph.aiThis platform allows you tocreate a chatbot that helps your business with sales and marketing. Morph.aiallows your chatbot to become mini landing pages for products and services.

Itallows users to view the products they’re going to order and also allows you totarget customers and run campaign from the chatbot. It is a free service whichcan be deployed on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, your website andmobile app.MagicMagic is a chatbot that acts likea human. This chatbot can actually be used to do almost anything – way to standup to its name. Magic is the best tool out there for conversations e-commerceand it also scalable which means you can adjust the chatbot to your needs. Allthe users need to do is send a text on the chatbot to acquire any service orinquire about a product.

In conclusion, if you are looking to decrease costto business, chatbots are the way to go. With good design and implementation, achatbot can resolve 80% of chat sessions. Beyond cost reduction, chatbots canalso improve the quality of service, reduce the response time, and increasecustomer convenience and satisfaction.

Plan and run a pilot to check whatscenarios work best for your business and to check if chatbots are right foryou. The cost to run a pilot is relatively low and the