if kiss your good SAT score away because studying

if your bad at that you might as well kiss your good SAT score away because studying for this test is time consuming and could take months to prepare for.

To completely destroy this test, you have to understand the steps of studying for it and how the test is made to be taken. In the article The Top 10 Ways to Prepare for the SAT by Knewton they explain the most important steps to mentally prepare for the SAT which are to take the practice test, know the test structure, read, study the vocabulary, write some practice essays, memorize formulas, understand the multiple choice format, understand the concept of guessing when needed, and realize that the SAT is a stress free zone. I took all in all of this data when I took my second SAT which meant I spent another $46 for a test that would decide my future. Pricing for taking this SAT is nothing to play around with because the amount of money that will fly out of your wallet is surreal, the SAT itself is $46 while the SAT with essay is $60. This does not include the SAT courses that some parents choose to put their children in; depending on where you take the course “The Ultimate Classroom course can cost as much as $1,199, depending on where you’re taking the course.” (Fiegerman 3). With auxiliaries such as these SAT classes, parent who are paying for these classes feel as if their child is bound to get a better score than the time before. Which in most cases are true but not by much, “National Associations of College admissions found that, on average, students who took SAT prep classes increased their scores by 30 points.

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” (Fiegerman)  This is why the staple of getting a good grade influences how people view you, are you smart or are you incompetent of being a college student.  The one good thing about the SAT is the grading portion of the test because you can either get a good grade, a bad grade, and even the decent grade which is the grey area between the good and the bad. According to Hannah Muniz in the article What’s a Good SAT score for 2017? “In the simplest of terms, a good SAT score is any score that’s high enough to get you into the schools you wish to attend.” So if you are trying to get into an Ivy League school you are going to have to score in the 90th percentile to even be considered, this causes disinterest in shooting for the stars when applying to the colleges of students dreams because they feel as if they wont be accepted. Then theres the students who don’t get accepted because they don’t get a good SAT score, the students who score below average are singled in as a group called poor testers.

Getting a bad score on the SAT is something you can only blame yourself for, when I got my first score back I know I felt as if I was never going to make it into Sonoma State. I felt obligated to take another SAT, and when I received my second score my score went from 980 to 1080 which I was personally proud of but still knew was only average. But this grade to me was satisfactory, I took this grade with my head held high knowing that the score I received was one  that could get into Sonoma state with.

This score was something that identified how smart I was at my old high school and I still was not happy with it, peers having way higher scores than me only made me feel as lesser and incapable of being a college student. Becoming this discouraged high school student going into college was a problem I faced because of taking the SAT and has scared me when it comes to taking test ever since. With the multiple problems that the SAT has, it’s hard to say that it is beneficial in any way shape or form.  One of the many problems that the SAT has is the lack of support it gives people who are disadvantaged. People who have mental illnesses such as ADHD, people who are second language learners, and people who just cant afford to take it at all.

The college board takes none of this into consideration which is why the SAT is unfair and flawed. In the article SAT Prep for ESL and Bilingual Students by Rebecaa Safier, she states “The SAT is meant to assess your college readiness. It tests whether you have the math and verbal reasoning skills to do well in college classes. Since your college classes will be in English, it wouldn’t be very helpful to offer SAT dual language or translations for the questions or instructions.” This is the inconsiderate logic that the college board has when it comes to students who have a disadvantage. The amount of unfairness calls for a change which is why the SAT should be completely scraped and us students should take the CLT With a multitude of stipulations going against the SAT, its hard to say the standardized test is actually beneficial for student’s future. You may believe that you could study for this test as if it was a normal one, but that is an objective that is close to impossible.

The SAT is a test that is based on your knowledge or an overview of what you should have learned with in the last four years of high school to see if you are ready for college or not. This test could either be beneficial towards your college applications or if could be a diabolical set of numbers that could end your college dreams in a split second. Getting rid of standardized testing would not only relieve stressing, but a huge burden would be released off the students shoulders letting the students reach their full potentials in the classroom.