If hunted Einstein until Einstein immigrated to the U.S.Those

If you were Einstein you think you’d be having the greatest life in the world!But what was Einstein’s real life like ?His life wasn’t a rich life of intelligence,it was a miserable life.Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm,KIngdom of W?rttemberg,German Empire.He was known for the Theory of Relativity (E=mc2).His parents were Hermann and Pauline Einstein.He had one sibling,his sister,Maja Einstein.Six weeks after he was born,his family moved to Munich,Germany.

As a child all the way through his young adult years,Einstein did not have good educational  experiences.He was a bad student,his teachers called him retarded and mentally handicapped.He couldn’t speak fluently at age nine.

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Although he was still very smart his teachers still didn’t like him because he didn’t pay attention in class.At age twelve,he discovered geometry and mastered calculus at age 16.He still disliked school and left at age 16 by being expelled.He tried to enter the Federal Institute of Technology (F.I.

T) but,he didn’t get accepted.Many years later he got a diploma at Cantonal School in Aarau,Switzerland,then in 1896 F.I.T automatically accepted him.That’s when he realized he had more interest in Physics than Math.

Throughout Einstein’s lifetime his theory of relativity was his greatest discovery.E=mc2.The Theory of Relativity is the speed of something compared to another thing.For example:the speed of a moving van compared to a parked ferrari is faster.

Special Relativity is that motion is always relative.For example:a baseball is alone in space,you can’t tell if it’s moving or not,if you put a basketball with it you could see if the baseball is coming closer or moving further away.That’s how you can tell if it’s moving.As the years went by Einstein’s problems and obstacles got bigger and bigger.

He had Dyslexia,and he still couldn’t speak english fluently and got kicked out of school.His father thought he was a failure and he died from a stomach disease.Everyone in school called Einstein things like mentally handicapped and retarded.Even teachers said that he’d have no success in his pathetic life.

Also Hitler didn’t like Einstein because he was Jewish and Hitler hunted Einstein until Einstein immigrated to the U.S.Those are only the few main ones.In my opinion I think Einstein has one of the most greatest minds ever.

He shows intelligence and he shows that he wants to be helpful by helping the world one theory at a time.In 1902 he didn’t have a job and his father’s company went bankrupt.In 1921 Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics but it wasn’t for the Theory of Relativity because a lot of people didn’t understand it.Instead,it was because of his extraordinary explanation of the Photoelectric effectThere have been many important lessons in life but Einstein taught us one of the most memorable ones.He taught us to learn from our mistakes.

In his own words he said “doing mistake is not the wrong thing,not learning from it is.One who do not commit mistakes is practically doing nothing.Never hesitate to take risks just because you may commit a mistake.Learn from it and move forward.

“Einstein’s last few years were in the 50’s,he died on April 18, 1955, at the age of 76. He died from a disease called Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.