Identity traits. How can someone’s identity harm an individual?

Identity is used to distinguish a persons personality or traits. How can someone’s identity harm  an individual? Identity theft is the deliberate use of someone else’s identity, usually for the use of gaining money or take prize in other people’s possessions ; while the other person is at disadvantage. Frank Abagnale was a famous con artist known for his riveting crimes.

His illegal talents making him well-known globally, even having a movie adapted about him called “Catch me if You Can” 2002.  The Beginning Abagnale was born in Bronxville, New York, his parents owned a small, successful stationery store . Years later his parents split up and so  his father took custody of him. He derived many of his traits from his father, who dealt with social states. He began to commit crimes in his early teen years, simply starting with plain check frauds. His father lent him money so he could purchase car supplies. Using the opportunity to get money by making bargains with gas station attendants, so he could keep the money for himself. Attending a private school, he committed small acts of theft such as shoplifting.

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Being influenced by his acquaintances who also did the same. At 16 he cut off ties with them and left home, starting his career as a con artist.Active Years He would open bank accounts using misleading names, printing the cheques after they were overdrawn and flee so he would not be arrested. Still proceeded to write bad cheques to gain money on his way to New York. At the age of 16, he was able to impersonate a doctor, pilot and a lawyer by using a fake identity. He had been on 250 flights, traveling to 26 countries and billing the company for food and hotels. In Atlanta, Georgia he was hired as a supervised doctor, so he was not required to do any medical treatments.

But an incident during the hospital quickly made him realize he was putting other people’s lives at risk. During that incident he quickly left, looking for his next career as a lawyer. Abagnale forged a Harvard Law Degree, but later another law graduate began to ask him questions but his cover was not blown. Next, he converted his career as a sociology professor in Utah, but by then Air France tracked down his history with a former employee. Discovering his real identity, being 21 at the time he was sentenced to 1 year at a jail in France.

They escorted him back to the US being confined a whopping 12 years in federal prison.