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I have known Debayan for two years since he joined theorganization as an Associate Business Processes Consultant in 2015. A SeniorBusiness Processes Consultant with more than ten years of experience in SAP, Iwas Debayan’s mentor, having closely overseen his work and guided him oncritical GST and VAT implementation projects. Debayan’s first GST project wasfor Danfoss, a Danish manufacturing giant, with a business spanning severalcontinents. Debayan was selected to lead the materials management stream in aproject aimed to make Danfoss’ Indian operations GST compliant as pergovernment regulations. During the six months of the project, I supervised Debayan’swork directly and we had a very intense interaction, talking numerous times aweek, as well as having weekly personal meetings.

As Debayan’s guide on this project, I followed Debayan’sperformance very closely and observed him growing and blossoming from a bud intoa mature SAP consultant.The hallmark of Debayan’s character is his ethical naturewhich extends from professional relationships to integrity of thought. Wheneverthere’s cause for confrontation or disagreement, he does not blame others orshirk responsibility. Instead, he focuses on finding a solution instead ofunnecessarily hanging onto the problem. He is straightforward, open andauthentic in his dealings – a quality that I find is a rarity among people ofhis generation. Debayan is also rational, systematic, and scrupulous and approacheseach task with an exacting eye and is always committed towards seeing themthrough completion.

Debayan is a determined and focused individual who is opento new ideas and different perspectives. However, a key area that he needs tofocus and work on is diplomacy. One of the cornerstone of being a good consultantis to be keenly discerning and tactful in dealing with both customers andfellow consultants. Debayan, at times, engages in deliberations and commitmentsbeyond his ambit of work. I believe that he needs to temper his expectations tofulfil every request without hesitation. I have raised this issue with him and suggestedthat he should thoughtfully weigh the pros and cons and not be over zealous. Debayanwas very responsive and welcoming of my suggestions and I believe he has thoughtfullytaken this into consideration as I have seen a remarkable improvement on hispart since.

These are skills that come with experience as well and he is on asteep learning curve. Given his disposition towards being open towardsconstructive criticism and constantly trying to improve himself, I’m sure thathe’ll master these qualities in no time.Debayan has a high potential to be a good and effective leader.He is always ready to take on additional responsibilities and deal with the baggagethat comes with it. In March 2017, after the sudden influx of GST projects, Debayanwas appointed to lead, as a materials management consultant, a project for animportant SAP customer. Generally, senior consultants fulfil such roles and facingclients without a lot of experience was a risk that was taken with Debayan butone that was rewarded in the end. I don’t believe that any other juniorconsultant would have had the same dedication in delivering solutions or beadroit at managing customer expectations the way he did. I am thrilled that wegave him the responsibility.

Achieving GST compliance as per government timelines was anextremely critical aspect of businesses across India which otherwise wouldamount to losses up to millions of rupees in terms of tax credit. Debayandemonstrated a remarkable caliber in leadership and teamwork in the project forDanfoss. He took over the solutioning of a complex customer landscape forinbound logistics and despite strict government deadlines and several hurdles, managedto finish the project on time and moreover be highly evaluated by the customer.Debayan managed to work effectively with client teams to conduct businessblueprinting workshops, solution business processes and coach the client on aspectsof the new solution. In fact, because of his success story and the goodrelations forged with Danfoss, he was recently selected again for a VATimplementation project for Danfoss at their Dubai office. I am sure that just as Debayan’s determination andleadership qualities were one of the contributing factors behind the success ofthe go-lives of critical projects, he will be a factor in driving companies forwardin the future.A well-rounded, highly motivated individual with excellentcommunication skills and a penchant for leadership, Debayan is an asset to anyteam. He keeps very good relations with people around, be it his peers,supervisors, colleagues or customers.

All the team members I know have a verygood impression of Debayan.  An MBA atthis juncture will support him greatly to hone his skills and take his career anotch ahead. I am confident that his combination of intelligence, commitment, perseveranceand compassion certainly makes him fully capable of pursuing an MBA in youruniversity and I recommend him strongly for the program.