I understand the Business requirements regularly. Sometimes she had

Iam pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Apoorva Rayangoudar onbeing her direct manager for the last two years. In this letter, I would liketo show my admiration and regards for Apoorva, who made an excellentcontribution to the Projects at Morgan Stanley under my supervision.Theprojects at Morgan Stanley that she worked or lead on involved a good directinteraction with Business Teams, Traders, Operations and Support groups withwhom she had to interact and understand the Business requirements regularly.Sometimes she had to communicate with external Morgan Stanley clients who arevery crucial to the company. Apoorva has an excellent knowledge of coreData-structure and Algorithms, which she used to provide brilliant solutions tocomplicated business issues we had during development.

She could clearly andquickly explain her thoughts and solution in layman terms to the client, so itwas not overwhelming for them. Her teammates have always appreciated herlucidity in meetings. She has always depicted excellent communication skills.

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Anothervital quality worth mentioning is her compatibility with the IT, Business andOperations teams. They could surely approach her for guidance on both technicaland business problems, which she had always been very willing to provide.Working in Equity Swaps team, where the criticality of every trade being bookeddaily to be correct is extremely high, being proactive is very important.Apoorva enthusiastically looked into issues, identified the right solutionshelping the business to get the trades booked accurately. Her extraordinarycapability is to analyze problems and provide necessary courses of action hasbeen invaluable.

Over the years, I have seen teammates being very vocal aboutthese qualities of hers in reviews; she has been an outstanding team player. Another instance worth mentioning about Apoorva is that she is aquick leaner. There was a time when all the front-end developers were occupiedwith some tasks and there was a need for a developer to take up an urgentclient requirement, Apoorva quickly learned C Sharp programming language thatwas unfamiliar to her and was able to deliver the solution on time andconsistent with client requirements.Given her hightechnical and inter-personal skills and her helping nature, I am sure she willadd significant value to your institution. Apoorva clearly has the skills and expertise necessary to succeed inthis Master’s program, and I also think it’s hergenuine concern in and passion for computer science and desire to develop better software applications that will enableher to excel while immensely benefiting from your excellent educationalprogram. In closing, I would like to reiterate mystrong support for her application at your university.

I am happy to furnish more details if you would likeadditional information.