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I have almost reached to the end of my Bachelor of Technology program, pursuing at KakatiyaInstitute of Technology and Sciences, Warangal, an institute of excellent reputation. And nowthe time has come for me to fulfill my dream to pursue Master of sciences in Computer sciencein a prestigious university like Northern Illinois University, where I have ample scope forresearch as my ultimate objective is to hold a PhD degree.Starting off with my academics, I secured 90% in class ten with 99% in mathematics and 97% insciences. Moving onto pre-university level (Intermediate, 10+2), I opted for Mathematics andSciences as my majors (MPC) and secured 93.40%. My strong hold on Mathematics and Physicscourses helped to clear Entrance exam to enter into Engineering Courses in one of the bestEngineering schools in Andhra Pradesh. KITS-Warangal, an AICTE approved, affiliated toKakatiya university which is one of the top 10 colleges in our state and one of the top 100colleges in our country. I joined Electrical and Instrumental Engineering course at UG level eventhough I was already interested towards Computer Science. I opted this course by giving firstpreference to the School which is best in Academics, Infrastructure and Faculty. Aftercompleting 3+ years in KITS my decision at that time really proved good because the exposurein that good Academic environment helped me learn many thing as a budding Engineer.In the very first year of my Bachelor of Technology program I was introduced to C language.From then, I became fascinated in Computer Programming. My interest towards programminggave very good grade in laboratory exam conducted on C language programming. However, inconsequent years, the versatility and facile nature of computers made it even more interestingfor me to learn the computer courses. After second year of my Engineering I took extra coursesto learn C, C++ and Object Orientated Programming. These languages helped me to learn CoreJava in quick time. I was amazed when I started Programming in .NET framework using VB.NETand ASP.NET. I continued my interest in Computer Science field by upgrading my knowledge asand when I got chance to learn more about it.In my final year of my undergraduate course the project which I chosen was a software basedand is purely dependent on MATLAB Software. Though tough, my enthusiasm and interesttowards programming made me choose the project “blind channel estimation in DS-CDMAsystems with wide sense stationary interference and circular noise”. I was greatly benefittedwith this project, it helped me to learn to solve the errors while coding. Our team is toocooperative and hardworking with unity we finished our project before deadline.Besides the technical knowledge our college also helped me to learn and recognize my positivesand negatives, when worked in team. Many events were conducted by our college in which Iactively participated and gave my support to my juniors who were in need of my help fororganizing events. I was a member of the organizing committee in PARIKARAN (A National LevelTechnical Symposium) held every year in our college. Also, I Secured 2 nd position in the event’LAGHU CHITRA’ of “AAKRUTHI 2010”, a national level technical symposium held at OsmaniaUniversity. A short film directed by me based on student life.It is my belief that NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, with its commitment