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I wish to attend the Immersion Spring camp in China because I will get an opportunity to discover the Chinese culture, their behavior, and their environment. Most of the products that are sold in the United States are from China, especially technology. I am interested in technology very tremendously that my interest made me build my own gaming computer and replace my phone screen.

All the products that I used to build my computer and to replace my phone screen are from China and I would certainly like to analyze the technology stores/markets in China so that I can get an improved perspective on how these incredible technology products are invented. Also, I would like to observe the computer course on campus in China because if I am interested in that course at that university then I might attend it.To begin with, Culture is the beliefs, customs, arts, ways of life that particular society or a person can feel and display. There is no acceptance or declination when it comes to culture. Chinese culture is very different than American culture. For example, their language, it’s very different than American language. It’s actually very fascinating to listen to Mandarin (Chinese language).

Chinese behavior is contrasting than American behavior. In China recognition of a person death happens every year, where all family members visit the gravesites of each ancestor and pay their respects. Honoring ancestors is very important in Chinese culture. I learned this when I took a Mandarin class at NJCU directed by the Gear up program and I still find it extraordinarily surprising. I have heard a lot about the Chinese culture but I would extremely love it if I can visit China and observe the Chinese culture.

In addition, this type of experience will have a great impact on my life. I will learn new ways on how the Chinese culture processes. I can share my story about the visit to my family members and friends. This will create a passion for Chinese culture in their hearts and maybe someday they would want to visit China and learned more about the Chinese culture.

I can even learn a bit more Mandarin and help translate in hospitals or at work, which can benefit me and others. I am a positive person and almost everyone in China is, this experience will increase my relationship between three different cultures. The American culture, the Indian culture, and the Chinese culture. I have educated myself with Indian and American culture and I am willing to learn more about the Chinese culture because it sounds very rare and unimaginable.In conclusion, I wish to attend the Immersion Spring camp in China because I will get an amazing opportunity to recognize the Chinese culture, their behavior, their environment and their incredible technology. The Immersion Spring camp in China is giving me the best opportunity so that I can reach my goal and I will never say no to something this special that’s going to happen in my life.