I that I am 21 years old, I do

I am CherylAnto Nellissery from Amrita School of Engineering, India, studying in the firstyear of the Masters in Technology (Computer Science) programme. I would like toapply for the Dual Degree VU Fellowship programme in the Big Data Engineeringcourse at your esteemed university.  I completed theBachelor of Engineering in Computer Science course from Fr. Conceicao RodriguesCollege of Engineering, Mumbai. Subjects like Machine Learning, Algorithms,Data Mining, Soft Computing and Databases have provided me with a strong basein Computer Science. I worked on projects like Enhanced Spam Filter with GrayMail Detection using Machine Learning and Placement Management System using SpringMVC + Hibernate. I am aware of the impact of Big Data in recent years and thebenefits of analysing data to design solutions for various problems.

I wouldlike to contribute to these fields by helping in the decision-making processand creating cost-effective solutions. As I am logically driven, a course in Big Data will help meenhance my skills. I strongly believe that my Computer Science and Mathematicsbackground along with my inquisitive approach to learning will provide me astrong footing to perform well in this course.

I will make the best use ofavailable resources to do justice to my skills by applying them for thebetterment of society. Vrije University is one of the leading Universities in Netherlandsand offers excellent educational facilities and extremely good researchprograms. I would be privileged to get admission in your reputed university andgain professional expertise that will help me shape my dreams.  My parents have always been supportive of my dreams and have giventopmost priority to my education. They would be delighted to see me getadmission at your reputed University as I would be the first person in myfamily to purse education outside India. They have made innumerable sacrificesto ensure that my education was not affected. However, now that I am 21 yearsold, I do not wish to be a liability on them anymore.

I understand that theyhave financial problems and do not want to add to their burdens. I thereforerequest you to grant me a scholarship so that I can not only fulfil my dream,but also make my parents proud. I assure you that I will use this scholarshipprudently by putting my heart and soul into the course and giving it my best. We, as a human race are at a critical juncture where technologymay just provide the right tools to address several common global challenges. Iam sure the active support from your university will have a great role to playin addressing these challenges and bringing about a transformation in society.

I would sincerely like to play a role in this transformation and make apositive difference to society. With thishope, I request you to consider my application for scholarship to your esteemedVrije University Amsterdam.