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Iam writing you in the hope of having the valued opportunity to continue myuniversity education studies at the Masters level within your department. Ihave a very strong passion for education and I seek to further my skills,knowledge and experiences within the field of pedagogy with a specific focus onlanguage, culture and teaching.

Ever since grade seven, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. This wasconsolidated during my subsequent teaching placements in public education schoolswhere my beliefs and wishes were reaffirmed that my future truly laid in thefield of education. Throughout my years of experience teaching youth, Irealized the positive impact I have had on my students from academicimprovement to affirmative anecdotal remarks. Supporting studentsintellectually, emotionally or by providing valuable advice in guiding studentstowards a brighter future is what I desire not only as an educator, but also asa mentor. With over seven hundred hours of community service accumulated over the pasteight years, I not only made a positive difference in individual lives, but Ihad the opportunity to develop leadership qualities through numerous volunteeropportunities. From organizing several Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Ups at G RossLord Park to speaking in front of thousands in TDSB schools and presentingdreams to children with disabilities as the Sunshine Foundation of Canada’s GTADream Fulfillment Chair. These volunteer opportunities not only enriched my ownleadership skills of teamwork, communication and responsibility as a teacher,but helped foster leadership qualities in students.

Throughoutmy years of educating students in diverse subjects from grades four to eight, Ihave come to understand that there are many facets of education that need to beimproved for the better of our teachers and students. As an ambitious individual,I would like to set my sights on administration as a principal in attempt toalter these facets. After having proven myself within the field of teaching Ifeel that it was be my best opportunity to have the greatest positive influenceon students within a school. Given that I am aware of my purpose to achievesuch change within the education system, I seek to gain knowledge that willenhance my leadership abilities to bring peaceful and impactful change to improveboth the general education and special education worlds. I understand that aMasters degree is required in order to take on such a prestigious role asprincipal.AsPablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purposeof life is to give it away”. I have found my meaning of life, and that is toeducate our youth and utilize my positive leadership skills to bring positivechange within our current education system. I have realized throughout my yearsof concurrent education that my purpose in life is give all that I have toeducate our future generation in in the most positive and influential way thatI possibly can. I aspire to educate, encourage and inspire youth to believe intheir capabilities and to be the best versions of themselves through meaningfuland powerful lessons while meeting curricula objectives. My goal is to continueon the path that I am on to make this aspiration of mine a reality. I seek togain knowledge and skills that will enhance my ability to benefit my futurestudents both as an educator as well as a school principal.

The most logicalmeans to attaining such necessary knowledge to pursue my goal is to earn aMasters of education degree at York University. With newfound knowledge throughdiverse interdisciplinary classes offered at the Masters level, I will be ableto one day educate students utilizing contemporary practices of teaching andlearning through the social and cultural contexts of education. Itwould be more than an honour to study and learn from knowledgeable professors atthe Masters level at York University and I know I will only try my best. I amhoping to continue with my strong passion for education and to develop itfurther. Thank you for taking the time to review my application.

  Sincerely,   Vanessa Muff