I put an end to my academic pursuit. I

I have continually had a strong interest in computers and therole they play in our society. The digital age we live in influences the way wework and communicate in our regular daily activities.

This has propelled me tobe a part of the increasing way technology revolutionize our world. Gaining adegree qualification in Information Technology was the initial phase ofactualizing my childhood dream. Having a bachelor’s degree did not put an endto my academic pursuit. I noticed the importance of keeping up with daily technologicaltrend and made it a necessity to upgrade my professional knowledge. It is outof this motivation that I choose to study computer science at a Masters levelwhich will be pivotal to further my academic knowledge and career goals. My undergraduate and advanced diploma degree at MiddlesexUniversity and Aptech Computer Education respectively has been very rewarding,not only because I have been able to specialize in computer networks butbecause of my huge academic achievements.

For my undergraduate project, I successfullydeveloped an E-commerce website and researched on the development and the useof E-commerce in Nigeria. I was lauded by my project supervisor and research committeeand got a grade of a 1st for my project. I also had a 1stclass honors at Middlesex University and a credit score at Aptech Global,India. Based on my courses in software engineering and computer networks, I foundthe urge to advance and update my knowledge in network technology and achieve necessaryprofessional qualifications. I devoted a large part of my time to self-studyingand making research on the latest technology. Through the continued rigorousstudy I obtained my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Server Expert: Cloud and Serverinfrastructure) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (security) certifications.

  I then proceeded to undergo a Cisconetworking training at Network Bulls, India. My performance at the traininginstitute came to the attention of my trainers and I was recommended for a postof a Network trainee at Cohagon corporation pvt ltd, where I worked and gainedenough experience to obtain a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification(CCIE R: 56955). At present, I am currently undergoing my CCIE securitytraining at Networkershome pvt ltd, India. I have 3 years work experience as aserver and Network Engineer. My past research and work experience has enabledme to concentrate my thesis research interest in the use of virtualizationtechnology and its role on security education. Security is one of the mostimportant theoretical and technical research issues in computer science study.

I hope to research on the advantages of how we can deploy virtualizationtechnologies for security education, so students can have access to highly sophisticatedtools and capability for installing and configuring related applications forbetter understanding of the security theories learned. I wish to apply for a M.Sc. in computer science from youresteemed university because your program satisfies my wish for full developmentof my research interests. Having made a careful research about your universityI discovered that your university is the scholastic place for youthfulunderstudies worldwide where one can get rich handy experience, wide-rangingresearch and developing capability, and that Canada is one of the countriesthat offers the cutting-edge training and research am seeking for where, I canbe exposed to various experts whose educational research and concepts willimprove my academic ability. I believe am fully qualified and well prepared foryour master’s program.