I organization does not mean to hire individuals that

I find that these particularquestions are important to ask because there are many things to take in toconsideration when hiring a new employee.

I feel that finding out how acandidate will be a right “fit into your company is just as important as a candidate’s past work experience,technical skills and education. To hire an employee who is cultural fit withinthe organization does not mean to hire individuals that think, walk and talklike you. Thus, hiring a new employee who challenges your thinking and isaligned towards achieving company goals would prove to be a better cultural fitthan a candidate who is just like you in most ways. Susan Martin of theInterview Coach says: “Behavioral Questions are questions that ask forspecific examples from a candidate about his or her past behavior on the job.Using past behavior is a proven technique used to more accurately determine thefuture performance or success of the individual, says Martin, who has over 20years’ experience in human resources and staffing and the author of “Boost YourHiring IQ”. Some of the things that I expectto learn from these questions help provide some helpful information about acandidate’s personality.

These things can range from measuring their ability tohandle stress, provide a sense oftheir reliability and how they handle certain situations or how well theymanage stressful situations. With these types of questions, it is hopeful thatit will help to quickly sift through candidates so that those who are able tocommit to the time and dedication of the position clearly stand out from theothers. Some of the limitations I see are as competition betweencandidates are high some candidates have more experience with interviewing andwith their skilled knowledge are better and providing the “right” answers thatemployers want to hear. As the interviewer, they must also be just as skilledas sifting through candidates who are able to ‘breeze’ through interviews withcommon answers. Being able to provide unique questions helps to keep thecandidate on their toes and not provide the usual answers to typical questions.

It is important as the interviewer to be able to break through that anddetermine if a candidate is a right fit based on their presentation andanswers. Interviewers will want to be clear and conciseand at the same time sensitive to matters that stay within compliance of thelaw and are not discriminatory and/or too personal.