I on learning new methodologies. Also, he puts efforts

I am glad to have been given a chance to pen down this recommendation letter for my student Mr. Abhishek Nilajagi who was studying under me since his third year in my capacity as the Assistant Professor at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology. As someone who had guided him across his experience here, I have noticed that he inculcates certain valuable qualities in him which are crucial in this field.For the final year project, titled “Malware Classification using Machine learning Algorithm”, they had to present a presentation in front of the faculty members about the abstract problem statement of the project which was completely designed by him, which really impressed the whole audience. The faculty and seniors collectively decided that their presentation design could be used as a standard format among other project groups. He is very thorough with his concepts, including system architecture.

He has a different approach to correcting outputs based on learning new methodologies. Also, he puts efforts in doing in-depth research on things that are new to him. He is very committed to his role and carries out all his tasks responsibly. He is an immaculate decision maker and gives solutions to problems in advance. According to me, his overall performance is very good, and he carries a vast amount of knowledge of various technologies. He is very flexible with any technology and can carry out multiple tasks at a time.

 His hardworking nature and ability to sustain in any given situation make him apt for this course. Dedication, perseverance and positive outlook towards learning new things and the eagerness that he possesses while implementing newly learned things keep him up in his game and he makes sure he is always at it. His ability to handle and tackle situations with ease would definitely help his progress in his further studies, and all the in-depth knowledge he acquired during these years will definitely be fruitful too. Looking forward to seeing him grow and learn from a place where he can put in his further efforts to grasp more knowledge and enlightenment.