I mechanisms and equipments. I used to spend a

I believe that ‘the secret to success isconstancy to purpose.’ It is after a good deal of self evaluation that I havedecided to pursue my master’s studies in Engineering Management.

This decisionsupervened naturally after carefully considering my educational background, theareas of my interest and my finally professional ambition. When I was a child, I always colluded by the working ofcomplex mechanisms and equipments. I used to spend a lot of time trying toinvestigate and puzzle out their working principle.

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In school I found myselfdrawn towards subjects that required thorough analysis and analytical thinking.I was amazed by their simple fundamentals which form the governing basis for alot of complex mechanisms and equipments. In order to understand these conceptsI took part in science fairs, and practical workshops and watching sciencemovies. This vulnerability taught me the significance of simple and practicaldesign. In order to enhance the understanding of the working principles andpractical aspects of designing a product I decided to pursue my career in MechanicalEngineering.

I applied in HEC Scholarship and got selected in University OfEngineering and Technology Taxila, which is on 5th ranking amongengineering universities of Pakistan. The courses of undergraduate level have helped me build astrong foundation in Mechanical Engineering and laid the necessary groundworkfor pursuing graduate studies. These courses have provided me with usefulinsight into the principles, processes, stages and considerations required inthe field of product design. Because of my intentions towards analyticalproblems I found the courses interesting and did quite well. In these 4 years Iwas introduced to courses in manufacturing and design like Machine Design andManufacturing Technology.

These have provided me with useful insight into theprinciples, processes, stages and considerations required in the field ofproduct designMyfinal year project was ‘Design, fabrication and operation of Hydrogen Generator(Hydrogen Booster)’. I am a great believer in team work and being an active memberof team is the result of most of my success.  I as a project leaderlearned the practical difficulties in implementing the task, with the help oflimited resources available. With guidance of technical expertise from myuniversity I successfully completed the project in time.

 I have known the importance of management in my entire lifeand it has boggled my mind to decide to learn engineering management, and whathad come into my mind was welcomed by me as it always gave me the best out ofme. The way a manager marshals and manages his subordinates to get more outputand optimum result has developed a keen interest in me to choose EngineeringManagement. Today every organization needs to integrate its technical andbusiness skills to sort out there complex and difficult matters. Engineering managementacts as a bridge which gears towards the professionalism in project leadershipand technical management. I am confident that my aptitude andincitement will see me through the challenge. I am also fully aware that givenan opportunity, I can contribute in your master’s program in an efficient and productivemanner.

I therefore look forward to joining your esteemed University for pursuingMaster’s Degree in Engineering Management.