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 I think young people is the best people they are the kindest but sometimes they are a bit violent, they are not using their brain it is a shame they still have their whole life in front of them. It doesn’t matter if you are taking some candy from a store or if you rob a bank it’s still a crime and you can get in jail for both of these but of course the higher the crime is you get more years I prison, there is kids that take some candy of a supermarket because they are little and they don’t know what they do but when you are a teenager and do such things there is no excuse. When I was a child, I also used to take candy from the supermarket but my mom said that I should put it back so I did it. I think teenager do crimes because they think it is cool and they want money, in this world right now you cant get something without money everything cost something, but also because they think it’s funny to do crimes that’s what I think, but one day if they get caught they are not going to think it’s funny again, there can maybe be sometimes where there are problems in the society and if you are poor you would of course try to get some money and if there are no other choice I think many would do a crime to get some money.There are many ways you can stop doing crime in a young age you have to think about how your friends are and if they are good people.

The society is very important aswell if you live in a society with some problems and if you see some police men taking for example your older brother you are going to remember such things. You can also avoid it if you go to the doctor maybe once a week and talk about how its going that could keep you calm and prevent you from doing such things as crime.Criminals should be punished after what the affair was. If its someone who took some candy from the local store I think they should just get a ticket and give the money back from the thing she/he stole. But if someone robbed a bank they should 100% get sentenced and murder aswell that’s should give at least 20 years I prison it’s a little harsh but its how it is, but teenagers I think they should a little less time but still prison.

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Remember don’t do crimes it affects your whole life