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I am a hardworking, enthusiastic individual who will do everything within my capacity to reach the highest levels and results possible. I would describe my self as having a strong work ethic meaning that if I am given a task I will complete it to the best of my ability and won’t give up until it is fully completed and correct. I believe that I work best under pressure and have been described as ” the six every time you roll a dice”.

 Studying Law at a higher level would enable me to further vital listening, analytical and communication skills which are required for a career in the future.  I take great interest in current affairs across the globe and in the United Kingdom and from a young age I have been motivated and interested in seeking knowledge of the laws and the systems of the United Kingdom. I believe that is an excellent subject to  pursue and gain a career in because it would provide daily challenges, excellent and exciting job prospects. To me law is the lifeblood of society and without it we would be a lost cause and living in an anarchy where no one would have regard for impacts and consequences of their actions.  To complement my passion for the subject of law, I have attended the public galleries in the courts to get an insight on how things work and are run in the English legal system. I have also been present in a few Taxi hearing committees with my uncle who represents clients going through the committee process. Going to these things has provided me with valuable knowledge on the different ways of dealing with legal issues and matters.

 Although I didn’t pass the subjects at AS due to personal reasons, I feel like sociology and politics inspired me in some ways to apply to university more specifically for a law course. Sociology has contributed massively to what I know on how society functions and politics added to my knowledge on the government and some of the legal system.  In my spare time outside of college I attend the mosque everyday, I pray everyday as I feel it cleanses the soul and is a way for me to relax my mind, I also attend the mosque to help out with Islamic school and teach other young people about the religion. Another big factor why I attend the mosque is the fact that I have to maintain and revise the Quran (the Muslim holy book) as I have learnt it off by heart cover to cover. I believe this to be a great asset in education as it makes it much easier for me to remember relevant information as I have a great technique to remember key points. Studying the Quran and memorising it, is probably the biggest thing I’ve ever achieved and personally I believe that I will not achieve something greater than this. Achieving this shows great dedication as I had to go to the mosque twice as day for four years, once before school for an hour and then again after school for 3 hours, totalling 4 hours a day and on top of that there was school so in total I was in education for around 10 hours a day.

  Although my previous year at sixth form wasn’t the greatest in academic achievement, I believe that I learnt a lot not academically but in a way of life lessons, lessons I can apply in future scenarios and know that I will walk out a winner every time. I am a firm believer in that actions speak louder than words. Yes I could have wrote 4000 characters on all my achievements and spoke of how great I am, however I believe that wouldn’t be necessary because I would much rather prove all of it to you when I attend your university.  My self motivation and drive will be what makes me succeed and excel during my studies at university and god willing those two reasons will make me who I am in the future.

A top lawyer.