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I believe sustainability is all about using resources in a responsible way. People ought to use the available resources without endangering or depleting them. As the living human beings continue to produce and manufacture products to meet their current needs, they should do so having in mind the needs of the future generations. I understand that each person wants to live a comfortable life with access to better housing, food, and social amenities. However, as people strive to achieve all these, they should be aware of all possible negative impacts and outcomes.

Besides depleting resources, particularly non-renewable sources, people should be keen not to pollute the environment. In case pollution occurs, the mess should be cleared or else sustainability cannot be achieved. Regarding my contribution to a more sustainable existence, there are numerous actions that I am already undertaking and will still be undertaking more in the future. For example, I watch my utility bills in a bid to reduce the global ecological footprints.

Since reducing my utility bills does not require any investments, I employ simple tricks such repairing any leaking water pipes, and replacing any faulty wiring and old appliances. Whenever I am not in my room, air-conditioning and lights are always off.  Also, I at times prefer using public transport as a way of reducing carbon emissions. I believe resisting the urge to personal car at all times improves the quality of air we breathe.

Moreover, I do my best to minimize waste at home and purchase the most sustainable goods. I ensure that I finish all foods in the refrigerator before purchasing others to avoid wastage, and when shopping, I go for those products labeled ecofriendly. In the future, I intend to heighten my contributions to sustainability by supporting nonprofit organizations that foster sustainability in my state. Besides supporting them financially, I will fully be involved in their activities. When purchasing cars, I will do so with gas mileage in mind. I will avoid high fuel guzzlers that will waste my resources and end polluting the environment. Lastly, I will enhance sustainability discussions by communicating what I know to others.

I will incorporate sustainability tips in my blog and provide suggestions for recycling programs, minimal energy use, and waste reduction.