I how people are able to manage theatrical productions.

I have always been fascinated by the ability of how people are able to manage theatrical productions. I have always been organizational with a keen eye for details. From arranging small group outings to helping out in running events in church or in school, I am constantly trying to gain more exposure in the area of managing events. For example, an event that my church organized for youths “WADSUP”, this event requires us to constantly change the design concept, and I am in charge of the designing aspect of the event. From an artistic point of view, I have a great love and passion for planning and drawing.

During my lower secondary school years, I have had some of my own work displayed in a gallery at school. My artworks exposed me to what I consider to be some of the greatest artists, such as Van Gogh, Cyril Rolando, and David Lynch – all of whom have inspired me to paint in their creative style whilst thinking about and drawing inspiration from their own artistic influences.Ever since I chose Art as an elective subject for GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ levels, I had to do research on the topics I chose. Through the large number of researches I did, I found myself getting more interested in the area of arts. Be it learning about the history of art, or actually having to develop ideas and combine different objects to form a product, I did not find myself getting tired of thinking of more ideas to make my product unique.

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In the same way, I hope that my ideas will be able to make an impact in the management of arts and cultural projects and organizations.Being an art student, I have always aspired to pursue an art-related career. Yet at the same time business fundamentals interest me. I wish to be able to gain in-depth knowledge about arts and to have skills that enable me to manage arts enterprises. The thought of being able to manage and plan events makes me excited because I know that I will surely enjoy the satisfaction that I get after each successful event. Although the process may get tiring at times, however, being a person who enjoys taking up challenges, I know that I will enjoy the nerve-wracking process. Although I know that this is a very competitive field and job security isn’t certain, I still want to be able go to places that have a very wide cultural and arts background, just so I can learn about societal differences and how they affect the arts community – especially seeing as I come from such a small place.

I also want to bring my hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm to not only the course but the society as well.