I he is the boss. I believe that there

I chose to write
about “The Office” show. This show is about the everyday lives of the employees
working at a corporate paper company in Scranton Pennsylvania called Dander
Mifflin. This is a comedy show that makes fun of corporate American culture. There
are many scenes in this show that the employees use and say very rude and offensive
comments. They make fun of each other’s race, ethnic background, sex and
religion in a negative way. Michael Scott who is the regional manager at that
branch in Pennsylvania thinks he has all the powers and is the best boss in the
world, but in reality he is completely the opposite. Michael thinks he is above
all of his employees because of his socioeconomic
status. He mocks his employees, makes fun of them and constantly is a
bully. He is very rude to women and treats them as if they are a kid or less. He
is very sexist and thinks he can do and say whatever he wants since he is the
boss. I believe that there are many men like Michael Scott who work at a big
corporate company as a manager.

There is a
specific episode that caught my attention the most. This episode is about
diversity and work place. Michael is in charge of gathering all the employees
and to teach them about diversity. He comes up with a game to make it easier
for his employees and for them to understand the concept better. He gave
everyone a card with a race written on it. Then he instructed them to put those
cards on their forehead without knowing what race they got. Then they were
allowed to talk to each other and guess what race they have. Dwight who is the
top sales person working at this branch has a card that says “Asian” on it.
Pamela who is the receptionist is talking to him and she is trying to give him
hints to guess the race he has. She started off by making a nice comment that was
non stereotype. She said “I like your food”. Michael on the other hand who was
observing Pamela and Dwight’s conversation, jumped in and told Pamela that she
needs to be more aggressive and push it to the limit. Then Pamela said “you’re
a bad driver” to Dwight. Then he said “I am a women”. To me this was a perfect
example of a bad stereotype against Asians
and women.  

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I chose this show
because of a lot of reason. One reason is that this show is very sexist and bias by using bad stereotyping and discrimination especially
against women. One bias example is that the boss is a male and most of the
managers at corporate are males as well. There is only one women name “Jan” as
an assistant manager who got fired and was replaced by a man. In the Scranton
branch there are about 5-6 females that work in different departments such as accounting,
sales, customer service and receptionist. This shows that as the ranks go up
higher (corporate level) the number of female reduce. This is a reality and the
world of many females working at a corporate company. This also creates the
vision of how women don’t belong in working outside of home and that they should
 be housewives and take care of their
husband and children.