I find it informative and interesting that the writer

Ifind it informative and interesting that the writer shows the nature of guiltand obedience in the work. It shows that theauthor does not need us to develop guilt. “However, if we consider themillennia before the history of humanity, without a second thought we canconclude that the very development of a feeling of guilt was most powerfullyhindered by punishment, at least concerning the victims onto whom this force ofpunishment was vented” (GM, p.41). It is quite common to develop guiltwhen one errs; however, it makes our life unbearable to live (Schacht, 2008).

The best thing that I find in the bookis the portion where the author advisesus to live beyond that which is good and evil thus preserving us from sufferingfrom guilt. Furthermore,the writer demonstrates that obedience is paramount and proves one’s intelligence over any issue. It helps usto overcome suffering by being mindless of our any argument (Schacht, 2008). The interesting thing about obedience isearned without much struggle and can result ingood future.

The author writes, “And powerlessness which does not retaliate is being falsified into ‘goodness,’ anxiousbaseness into ‘humility,’ submission before thatone hates to ‘obedience'” (GM, p.27). Theauthor gave an illustration of the creditor and the individual in debt.

Hedescribes that the creditor can make good out of the guilt of the debtor bymaking use of the developed guilt in satisfying their pleasure (Schacht, 2008). This analogy reminds me of the time wewere receiving punishment at our young age. The punishment was harsh but wasalso cheerful since it ends at that moment but guilt cannot. Additionally, thevirtue of obedience made us respectful all through and now enabled us to earn respect in return.