I Engaged as a senior associate leading audit projects,

I writeto express my strong interest the position of Logistics officer within yourorganization as advertised in Daily Graphic on 8 January 2018. I amhighly organized professional with varying job experiences that entail highlevels of managerial, coordination and administrative work. My knowledge andexperiences in different business sectors, provide me a broader perspective toissues and a skill set that equips me to contribute significant value to yourorganization. Ipossess strong leadership, multitasking and organization and planning skills.My ability to work independently and as part of a team, appropriately positionsme to excel in the challenging position with your organization.

Engaged as a seniorassociate leading audit projects, I have demonstrated strong managerialcompetencies and responsibility through coordinating daily team activities, jobscheduling and allocation, logistics, administrative and time management tomeet project deadlines. Throughmy auditing experience, I have become adept in evaluating operating policiesand procedures, and recommending process improvements to drive productivity andefficiency at minimized cost. My knowledge of inventory management is strongconsidering that I have on many occasions performed auditing work over inventorybalances. I have also demonstrated superior skills in problem solving and resourcemanagement through the employment of effective planning, organizing,communicating and relationship building on various audit projects. My knowledgein the use of Microsoft Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, is verystrong. I make regular use of these applications to achieve efficiency and simplificationin report preparation.

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My strong accounting background and skills in informationsystems audit and data analysis, are critical skills that would enable me contributeimmense value to Chemonics International. I lookforward to discussing the position in detail and how my skills and experienceswould prove valuable to your organizational needs. Thank you for yourconsideration.