i) diplomatic relationships between India and Israel in 1992.

i)                   Introduction: In June 1947, the plan forthe partition of Palestine was presented by the United Nations and then adoptedit as the Resolution 181. In 1949 first India voted against the claim of theJewish people on the state of Palestine because Mahatma Gandhi opposed thecreation on religious terms but he also believed that the claim of Jews onPalestine state is right. After that India condemned its vote against Israelmany Indian leaders admired Jewish efforts and they also thinked that acquiringPalestine by Jews is the best Jewish Claim.In 1950, India recognized the state ofIsrael. JawaharLal Nehru was the president of India at that time and he saidthat creation of Israel is a fact and also covered their mistake of votingagainst the creation of Israel in the United Nation by saying that we’ve madethat mistake because we don’t wanna offend our Arabic friends in the MiddleEast. Actually, the main thinking behind all this was superpower America whichmaybe forced India to vote for the creation of Israel because Nehru did notwant to pursue full diplomatic relations with Israel, So it clearly shows thatNehru or India both were forced beautifully to change their vote against JewishClaim in the United Nations. The realtions between India and Israel wasinformal till 1990’s because India was also scared of the Muslims living inBharat and also feared of the relationships with Persian Gulf who were helpingIndia in foreign exchange and many other reserving policies and maybe this wasanother reason of maintaining an informal relations till 1990’s.

Lets discusswhat happened after 1990’s.ii)                 Economic Relations:After the establishment of diplomaticrelationships between India and Israel in 1992. The economic relations betweentwo nations increased rapidly from US$ 204 million in 1992 to US$ 5000 milliondollars. In 2010, India became the sixth best Israel’s economic partner andthird largest economic partner in Asia after China and India was also ranked 9thlargest import source for Israel. Actually, there is another reason of India’ssupportive behaviour with Israel which is the tension between Israel andPakistan due to the condemned of Israel as a state for Jewish people. Someimports contains stones, metals, chemicals, textile and machinery etc.

andmajor imports from Israel contains transport equipments, stones, machinery etc.These two countries are economicallystrong and Israel is also called as mini America due to its policy making andits active role in the World. America and India both are supporting Israeleconomically and these roles are getting stronger days by days. Now, today the list of the technologyand things these countries are exchanging with each other are security systems,chemicals, agricultural techniques, minerals, pharmaceuticals, financialservices etc.iii)               Military Relationships:From 2012, both Nations sell and buy alot of technology (Warfare weaponry) from each other because in 2012 externalaffair ministed of India visited Jewish state and he has signed a lot ofagreements to buy new technology and then later in 2014 Israel exported morethan US$ 600 million dollars worth of defensive weapons and a lot of droneswere buyed by India to protect its border and those drones were worth US$400million dollars.They’ve also shared military strategieswith each other to fight so called Islamic terrorist in both regions and theirmilitary relationships are getting stronger days by days by these agreementsand they’ve also signed some navy agreements together and now both are workingtogether in the Sea.

India have buyed a lot of arms and and latest technologyjets and a lot of technological warheads including special air crafts, evenships too.Military of both nations shares a lot ofthings together like planning and the military relations between both nationsare getting more strong day by day.iv)               Strategic Relationships:Army of Israel is fighting ISIS and manyother so called Islamic terrorist groups in their region with the help andsupport of America and now India is also trying to work with Israel (JewishNation) to completely destroy this terrorist organizations and they are stillmaking strategies together to conquer terrorist organizations. Under USinfluenced Israel stopped its trades with China and China didn’t support Israeldue to its Arabic Connections. So India is Israel number one client in thisregion. Israel is basically full dependent on United States, Israel’s militarytransfer began late in 1990’s in India. After that India becomes Israel’sleading arms market and a substantial economic partner. Both nation’sintelligence agencies (Mosad and Ra) sharing strategic plannings together tosupport each other’s connections within the both states.

The main point in thisis that both countries are under US influnce and they got full support fromUnited States in every aspect and as United States forces Israel to stop itstrade and economic sharing in China then the only region in Asia who wantsIsrael to be a successful Jewish state is India and almost every country inSouth Asia is against Palestine Partioning including Pakistan.The biggest strategic operation of Mosad and Raw is “Cit X Operation” accordingto this operation they are trying to engage every possible drug lord andinternation criminal including (Afghans terrorist groups) to target Pakistanand the funding raised for this operation is by illegal poppy distribution anddrug trafficking. Now as we know India is the fifth largest poppy productioncountry in the World. So both countries are getting full benefits through thisdrug type of thing to promote operation “Cit X” which can be dangerous forPakistan.

v)                 Trade:Israeli imports from Indiaamounted to $2 billion or 3.5% of its overall imports in 2015. The 10 majorcommodities exported from India to Israel were: Gems, precious metals andcoins: $973.6 millionOrganic Chemicals: $296.5 millionElectronicEquipments: $121.2 millionMedical,technical equipment: $59.

3 millionPlastics:$56.4 millionVehicles:$44.4 millionMachinery:$38.1 millionOthertextiles, worn clothing: $31.

8 millionKnitor crochet clothing: $31.6 millionClothing(not knit or crochet): $30.8 millionIsraeliexports to India amounted to $2.3 billion or 3.8% of its overall exports in2015.

The 10 major commodities exported from Israel to India were: Gems, preciousmetals and coins: $933.7 millionElectronicEquipment: $389.3 millionMedical,technical equipment: $180.7 millionIron or steel products:$170.3 millionFertilisers:$157 millionMachinery:$110.9 millionOrganicChemicals: $69.8 millionOtherchemical goods: $44.2 millionInorganicChemicals: $43.6 millionPlastics:$29.5 million