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I choose to read these four papers for this assignment. They are Values in the Design of Visualizations, the human is the Data Science, on Researching Data and Communication, and Visual illness narratives of Depression. The reason why I choose Values in the Design of Visualization is because I am very interested in visualization topic and visualization is not the main topic in our course. And also, the author belongs to UW.

This paper first introduced the key of visualization is to interact with vast amounts of data. The visualization tools will have an increasingly strong influence on current society. My personal experience with D3 and tableau, I would say that they are powerful and amazing. However, the key point of this paper is values in visualization design practices.

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 It means values-centered in visualization design. The paper gave an example about discussion of ethics and values in the information visualization design process. The reason why I choose the Human is the Data Science is because I am interested in how to operationalize the richness of qualitative methods in terms of computational statistics after reading the abstract of this paper.  This paper emphasizes the role and importance of human-centered data science. Also, this paper gave me new aspect about human-centered data science.  The increasing size of qualitative data sets prompts the question of what human-centered data science can be.  Human centered data science gives a bridge between data driven research and qualitative research. The reason why I choose On Researching Data and Communication because the role of communication in human-centered data science has rarely been considered and I want to know how role of communication in human-centered works.

For some people, data is a power to undergird and shape communication.  To solve this argument, we need know why communication is important. This paper introduces how communication as data, data as communication, and communication around data.

Communication as data is that variables residing at specific levels of analysis can captured with particular instrumentation. Data as communication regards data itself a form of communication. Communication around data refers to human communication in environments, cultures, and organizations that work with data and code alone cannot be considered a ground truth.  After reading this paper, data now is not an object for communication. This essay also provokes recognition and curiosity about the communication o human-centered data science.   The fourth paper is Visual Illness narratives of Depression, it is interesting because this paper uses Tumblr, a heavily used micro blogging site to understand visual illness narratives.

This paper introduces using Q-shot methodology to study visual narratives of depression on social media. This is my first time know that patients use images and photo to express their illness. They use Images because of the ability to signify inner mental states, attitudes and emotions.  The study uses Q-sort method to select and discuss the images with subject from Tumblr. Q-sort method required subjects to rank order sets of images on a scale ranging from options such as agree/disagrees, like/dislike, best/worst and even mood stats.