I because of her past math test, she’s done

I currently do not have any children, but in the future, I plan to use Authoritative parenting style.  I plan to use this parenting style because my mom has always been an authoritarian parent. It’s been hard to understand and communicate with one another and it’s made me realize that’s not the way I want to raise my children. An authoritative parent enforces standards. I want to be able to set rules and expectations that my children need to meet. For example, let’s say my daughter has a math test this upcoming Friday, I will tell her that she needs to get an A on her test.

I’ll set this goal on her because of her past math test, she’s done really good and I know she has great potential.I understand things come up during the week and if so, I’ll make sure to let her know that it can be hard to achieve her goal but that I’ll be more than happy to help her along the way. A rule I’ll like to be consistent with will be telling my children that they need to be in bed no later than 10:00 pm.

I’ll be sure to explain the benefits of why going to sleep early is good for you and if rules are not met there will be consequences, such as losing their free choice time before studying. I’m going to be able to help my children learn their strength and weaknesses by being very engaged with their progress and growth. I want to be a warm and supportive parent. To be very clear in communicating.

For instance, my daughters a cheerleader and needs to tumble in order for her to be chosen to compete. I was a cheerleader so I would show her some my strategies and how I learn. I’ll also show her videos on the internet for proper technique. I’ll make sure to advise her to ask her coach what is expected, what is her strength and what does she need to improve on, etc. I would also involve myself her coach and ask her how I could support and help her weaknesses.

Continuing as an authoritative parent, I will not be afraid to confront or criticize my children. I will make sure to let my kids know if what they’re doing is acceptable behavior. If they’re doing well, I will praise him or her for doing well and encourage them to keep it up but if otherwise, I’ll be sure to as well. Let’s say, my son is in 3rd grade and he hasn’t been listening during reading time in class. I’ve talked to him multiple times about it but he’s had an uncompromising attitude. I’ll then criticize his behavior and let him know to put more interest in paying attention while the teacher is reading. After he sees what he’s doing isn’t right, ill make sure to let him know that I talked to his teacher and she is going to observe his actions and I’ll have noted (either good or bad).

I’ll make sure to let him know I appreciate his change and praise him when the time is right. Last but not least, I’ll make sure to show my kids to be independent and every now and then it’s okay to have freedom BUT also know how important it is to have quality time as a family. For example, I understand my daughter or my son will have a phone(computer/iPod/iPad etc )one day. That’ll be his or her privacy and I’ll check it every now and then but for the most part, learn to trust. During dinner time I’ll make sure to teach them that this is bonding time ( talk about how our day went, talk about our feelings..

etc) so no one should be on their electronics at this time.