I any important decision. Finance and accounting has been

I am a graduateof Accounting from a university in Nigeria, Olabisi Onabanjo University. Mygoal now is to further through master program in Accounting to have profound knowledgeof accounting and financial management.

My personal experienceshave led me to have patience, emotional intelligence as well as realize theimportance of listening, respecting the opinions of others and the significanceof being versatile. My strongest strengths are the abilities to work under adeadline pressure and deliver the expected results quickly, accurately and beself-motivated. In problem-solving situation, I have a tireless eye for detailsand analyze the problem through several techniques before making any importantdecision.Finance andaccounting has been a passion of mine for some years now. I first had the ideaof becoming a chartered accountant when I read an interview about renownedfinancial guru in Nigeria in a newspaper, Akintola Williams, the founder ofAkintola Williams Consulting, which is now merged with Deloitte consultinginNigeria.

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The interview inspired me to look deeper into the field and that waswhere my interest in accounting was first rooted while I was in secondaryschool. I have enjoyed studying finance and I am intrigue about the way theVUCA (Volatile, Uncertainty, Complex and Ambiguity) environment of the businessworld keeps people on their feet. The decision making and money handling involvedgives an element of unpredictability, an area that I would like to learn moreabout and hopefully discover a method which could perhaps help control thatunpredictability. Looking for solutions to the complex relationships ofaccounting and businesses is something I find very rewarding as well asintriguing; it is an area I hope to be able to study in more depth as a masterstudent.My workingexperience in a food and beverages firm in Nigeria with my first accountingdegree, as an auditor officer with the responsibilities of auditing financialreport, procurement and other financial transactions really exposed me to thedamages wrong accounting could do in an organization and also provided me withhow accounting could enhances achieving strategic vision of an organization.This experience really equipped me with the financial reporting skills, riskcontrol, auditing, leadership, communication and above all how to be a teamplayer. I am seekingadmission into your school because of the giant records of people all over theworld that your institutions have produced.

Also the great diverse culture thatis embedded in the school system and great investment in infrastructural andtechnological resources and quality level of the lecturers to me shows that noother university can guarantee me the knowledge I am seeking for than youruniversity. Overall, I see myself as a goal-drive