I and achievements in greater detail. Given my qualification

I would like to express my strong interest in the Business Analyst position at your company. Purdy’s is a company that I always admired. As a chocolate lover and a strong advocate of sustainability, I find your sustainable cocoa program very appealing.

 As a self-motivated and dedicated student, currently on track to finish my post-degree diploma in Business Administration, I am prepared to leverage my subject expertise, as well as my strong leadership and interpersonal skills to make an immediate and positive impact. With my previous education in the field of economics and finance coupled with my commitment to excellence, I am poised to provide you with vital support in this role.  My previous experience as a financial advisor honed my communication, organization, and analytical skills. In this role, I managed my time between maintaining relationships with clients, planning investment strategies, and completing administrative tasks such as compiling customer profiles, overhauling the database and collecting customer feedback. I possess strong analytical skills, knowledge of advanced statistical methods and data visualization techniques that can be an asset to your company.

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 My resume is attached with this application. It lists my work experience, professional education, and achievements in greater detail. Given my qualification and experience and proven record of accomplishment, I am hopeful that you will find enough reasons in my resume and this application to give me an opportunity of a personal interview.