I a traditional gym, such as hill walking and

Iam applying for this particular course because over the past fewyears I have developed an interest in promoting and enabling exerciseand health, particularly among the older population. I feel that thiscourse will be a good way of gaining knowledge, both theoretical andpractical to have a base from which I can further progress.Previously I had enrolled on a personal training course through YMCAfit, but this had to be cancelled through lack of numbers.Ivery much believe that movement, whether it is traditional exercisesin a gym or other activities outside of a gym can help people in moreways than just the physical side of health. I also understand thatnutrition plays a large part in an individuals overall wellbeing, sowould like to learn more about this aspect and how it can effectperformance and everyday living.Althoughthe only qualification that directly relates to this course is my PEGCSE I feel that my other experiences since leaving school havepushed me in this direction of interest. When working in the pharmacyI came across many older people with mobility issues and the lessthey moved, the less and less mobile they got. I also saw manypeople, particularly older people, on many different medications andthere is some evidence suggesting that some medication could bereduced or stopped with lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet.

Trainingand working for a very short time in domiciliary care has alsoinformed my decision to pursue this line of study. Taking this job inthe first place was a mistake, however what I have gained from it isthe confirmation that I would rather support the older population byencouraging and motivating them to stay active and independent aslong as possible, as opposed to the sort of care the companyprovided. Through both this and work at the pharmacy I have alsogained experience in dealing with different people, sometimes indifficult situations.Formy own training I much prefer bodyweight exercises and activityoutside of a traditional gym, such as hill walking and running. Ialso currently go to a gym in which the focus is getting a balance ofstrength, mobility and flexibility through gymnastics, bodyweightbased movements, such as the handstand. In the past I have also donea lot of HIIT training.

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Althougha traditional gym setting is not my personal preferred trainingsetting, I understand this can provide a good base from which peoplecan progress onto other activities if they wish. By doing this courseI hope to gain more knowledge of gym based exercises and theirvarious benefits when done with good form.Asidefrom exercise and health my other interests are reading, cooking,snowboarding and seeing friends. I enjoy reading a variety of books,including both fiction and non fiction. In 2013 I completed a fulltime, 9 month course in furniture making at Peter Sefton FurnitureSchool, where I produced several pieces, including a larger cabinettowards the end. Although I enjoyed this very much, I decided that itwas not what I wanted to do for a career. I also am currentlypartaking in some short courses on the FutureLearn website.

Theseinclude Bookkeeping and Preparing for University, among others that Ihave put my name down for for future dates.