Humans spreading silently. This type of conduct is presented

Humans created a virus that installed on all human computers.

Now weneed to implement a cleaner for this corrupted software, that has taken overmankind computers (each human brain). Insurmountable stances have been taken,to remove this unethical virus constantly spreading silently. This typeof conduct is presented in so many ways, on many levels, sometimes done inunseen acts. Even whenpointed out, it’s denied or covered with an excuse. If you areamong a person carrying out these acts—don’t brush off occurrences such asthese welcoming that seed to get sown.Help other humans infected with this malicious software. The time is now tostart supporting mankind and stop dehumanizing each other.

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No, not supporting other human beings in theirown contemporary negative mind-state. Breaking thecycle by educating them, showing positive feelings, and body language.Transition to a progressive cycle and seek an individual change. Nonetheless,this just takes a fewseconds tostart. Crazy right? Just a simple thought process and the effect will instantlybe established. The cycle (Virus Removal) is simply just asking yourself a fewquestions: ·        Why do I hate this person or differentpigmentation? ·        Do I need to change my perspectives within mypersonal environment or associates? ·        How did I even establish this type of mindset orknowledge of hate? ·        How long do I even wish to suffer within,feeling this way towards another human? ·        Why do I believe that I need extraordinary powerover another human? These are buta few questions to start with individually but, to stop the cycle of the virusis quite unsophisticated.

It can be defeated with unrivaled education, support,and simply just start carrying. We stop instructing our young ones withchauvinism and filling their minds with it. The virus will stop accumulatingpower and spreading. Communitieswill just have to start supporting others and having a more positive impact, onothers from another background. None of us is the ideal and more superbhuman.

Access to quality materials, relationships, growing up in adistinctive environment, and quality education is the wall that’s separatingother mortal beings. While fortunate,it doesn’t give that person the right to diminish someone less fortunate.By no meansam I implying, someone should take on another human being financialcircumstance, However, what I’m stating is that once we have establishedourselves with a positive foundation. We see someone else trying, and workinghard to gain ground financially. Enrichingsomeone else enriches your overall being and aura. We shouldsupport that financial circumstance if we can while impacting others with oursuccess. Simply by sharing knowledge on how to achieve things, how to carrythemselves, and teach them a successful constructive skill. Just impactinganother person by showing them where and how to find educational material, thatwill change their lives, will spread to the people they influence.

 It’s not justpigment-against-pigment. I’ve personally seen pigment-on-pigmentand I’ve personally experienced both. Some people must obtain this informationby embedding it in their mind. Being an excuse society—what’s the excuse forcarrying in this manner and spreading this virus onto our children? Everyone knowthings carry-over with a mechanical effect in our society. Yes, I know thingsalready exist for such a problem.

Nonetheless, not enough of them are free, andshowcasing it to certain individuals enough if existed. Currently, we havecommercials that get shown unlimited times a day, on different channels, andfor different purposes. The moremedia platforms advertising edifying material will impact our society and buildconstructive communities. Where are the constant infomercials, commercials,websites and mobile ads that promote unity? Having more platforms producingthings to eliminate the uprising of hate and discrimination, has become anecessity. What wepromote can help eliminate the things we create and instill within. Our societyacts on the next “new thing”. If each well-known business or entity can putlabels/signs up, and some cases by law (where they must put up right-to-knowsigns or they get fined).

If we want to put an end to certain things and buildour nation—we can! We hold backbright ideas and positive impacts on our nation when we constantly spread theinfected code to other brains. A human being of dissimilar or same pigmentationgets dehumanized while held back (If they don’t have a resilient mindset) ornever started on a positive track. If they can’t cope, or emerge from thoseinstrumental circumstances, our society takes an impeccable step back each timeit’s done. Us as apeople can start the effect, of each being contributing to society. If westart promoting the right things, supporting, caring, and teaching each other.Once we start understanding different people, finding their strongest features,and helping them mesh that into a success for our communities and nation. This type ofseed sowing starts the cycle because we have stopped looking at uniquefeatures, pigment, and background.

Using those judgments towards someone wedon’t want to deal with, want power over, or simply do not wish to succeed;become more of a reflex effect throughout our nation, the effect can helpdebt-wise, human-wise, and promote unity. This won’t be facile, but it can beeasy flowing through willing individuals. Constantly—thissociety sit back observing it, discussing it, or just plain out ignoring thequandary. While letting the virus stay the norm of our society.

We havecommunities filled with infected humans teaching generations to follow suit; noawareness that they are sometimes but, we must stop uploading this softwareinto our younger generation. Communitieswith parents spreading this trojan amongst new startup computers. Without adefinitive answer for their actions, therefore this virus still exists today!The reason each human being got to start uploading, posting, and launchingpositive software into our next generation of minds. Those that ask, “When willit end and, when will we start treating each other with respect?” Well, whenyou stop judging another human being and start promoting unity, respect, andend the cycle of degenerating software! We can start creating a prosperoussource(seed), and move to other things we can control personally. Things tolessen the effects we receive accordingly to government decisions, things wecan do to aid against other countries affecting our nation. Even change thenarrative and effects of political discussion.

Our society can’t keepignoring and promoting division among each other. Though thishas been stated trillions of times, and this subject has been overwhelminglydiscussed. We are still promoting one pigment, is preferable to another.Only letting one pigment have access to, more quality schooling, enrichedmaterials, and overall well-being than others is quite asinine.

Yes, it’s anunderstanding that, if you work hard, and some do—some have it harder thanothers. However, once that individual has been doing that, create an aura ofgreat appreciation to attract others. Quit thehidden-virus-syndrome, which goes on constantly. As stated before, thisvirus can be demonstrated through words, body language, expressions, anddifferent individual treatment. Better our society, as humans—start a positivemechanical effect. Strengthen our nation, and push our nation to the forefrontof all nations, by empowering ourselves and others.

Flourish our economy, andimprove individual success throughout our country and not just materializedthings. Those thingsaren’t permanent, and become mundane over time. However, helping anotherhuman being achieve enrichment, and see your impact on them—has a lifetimeachievement effect. Alertness to how you are treating someone—some do,but some just don’t, and won’t change tell it negatively affects thempersonally. With thatsaid, remember we must influence each other positively and help each other.When you’re out-in-about visiting different places, school, work, church,stores, or online; respect yourself, promote unity, be prepared to receiveanother mortal being, and help that human. Understandingother humans, their situation, and feelings builds individual character. The understandingpresents us the opportunity for change.

Rewrite history and remove negative obstacles that lay ahead. Share yourexperience, knowledge, and skills. Repulsion against another human, when youare the absolute individual they need help from—dehumanizes you.

It’s not aboutgiving a person money to get them where they need to financially, it’s also tohelp them contribute to society, other humans, family, and friends. Ignite thechange of coming together as a people and not different peoples. Be a positivesource for others, and not seen as another shade.

We need to have respectfor ourselves if we want to gain respect and receive each other’s support. Thisnation must stop dehumanizing other human beings and we must promote support,integrity, and unity. Especially if this society wants to start showing reallove towards other human beings (and cultural backgrounds). There’s so much that hasn’t been elaborated in this thread.In a way, that’s a good thing, it leaves the opportunity for growth open. Also,to give a scholastic understanding from other backgrounds.