Humanity body and willing to help others, fuels my

Humanity has ventured into the endless world of medicine and has given me a passion for studying deeper into this from an early age.

Being captivated by how a simple idea can be altered into a real-life situation that can create pathways for new cures to treat illnesses. The success of our existence is because of the these advances and relies on such advances. Whilst at school, I was keen to study in the field of Medical Science due to my desire to understand more about the human body and ways to serve society. Being intrigued by the finely tuned internal mechanisms of the human body and willing to help others, fuels my desire to study Medical science at undergraduate level.

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Fascinated by how much the Medical Science has shaped humanity by finding ways to cure illnesses via using stem cells to cure seemingly incurable illnesses. I’m an inquisitive person who has questioned tests, medicine and technology that have been introduced into our body from an early age. I’m fascinated by how we have used our survival instinct to overcome many diseases throughout the era.

 Medical Science is extremely relevant to the major issues that’s being faced in the modern era. I also find the field of Medical Sciences challenging, inspiring and rewarding. As every person has an interest in different things in life, my passion from a young age was studying in the medical field, being part of the public health, looking at how small tests cure dangerous diseases.

Furthermore, the medical field has advanced over time and has become the backbone of science. My dedication to the course and keen interest in Science is reflected in my college subjects, studying an Extended Diploma in Applied Science at Level 3, to which I covered many topics related to this course such as unit 11, which is the Physiology of the Human Body Systems and conducted many practical’s which helped me grasp a practical side of what Medical Sciences entails. To gain practical work within this field I pursued temporary work in my college’s lab as a technician. I was part of the team that created tests and got the chemicals ready for other candidates to use for experiments. My duties included checking and ordering the equipment’s such as burettes as well as making solutions for teachers to use when it was needed.

 I also made sure the efficient use and maintenance of the resources, meaning I had to be aware of the expiry dates of products, the condition of equipment’s and the stock levels. The experience which I gained through my dedication to learn more while working there improved my internal communication with other teachers who work closely with technicians to get practical’s done, as it’s important for the communication to be clear to minimise misunderstanding between technicians and teachers. Moreover, the skills which I obtained while studying my course and through practical’s are the skills that would help me in a real life scenarios. Whilst shadowing a work experience at my local GP, I saw a lot of medical cases that doctors see on daily bases. I was amazed by the knowledge given by the doctor to their patient. This was a motivation for me to apply to the Medical Sciences and the ability to help patients with their problems, strengthened my passion to work with them to my full ability. I worked in Boots for 4 months.

During my time in Boots, I was able to ask chemists questions regarding the science careers I could choose from. I was involved in customer service, prescription packaging, delivery and customer purchase. ?I was praised for my efforts due to my diligence at work. I developed my interpersonal skills when working in retail. My own scientific ideology is that the modern society will always be dependent upon medicine to cure all the illness. My academic career and experience has predicted me to furthering my education in this field, and my desire to contribute to this wonderful field.

 Therefore, this is something I would love to achieve through Medical Sciences.