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Human, Physical and Technological Resources Sources of Finance In each successful company sales increase and the business grows, costs will increase and the money the company earned from previous sales will not be sufficient to finance the growth. You will always need some kind of financing to overpass the gap. There are generally three different sources of available financing for a fashion company which are debt,equity and other income.

Debt financing usually comes in the form of a loan. The company is required to pay back the money they have borrowed plus interest in a defined schedule of payments. Taking on debt will mean that the company will have additional cash outflow that the business will have to support each month and that can be an additional load for a business to bear with.

The big advantage with a loan is that you are not giving away any equity of your business and you maintain full control. Debt providers will not actively get involved in your business; they are mostly concerned with getting back the money they have lent you with interest.Equity investors provide cash to invest in your business. When you take on an investment from an equity investor, they become part owners (partner) of your business, which means that you will have to share some decision making with that investor (partner). The best equity investors can offer you smart money, which is money that comes with expertise,contacts and other types of advice that can help you build your business. Other Income can come from a variety of sources, including awards and competitions and providing advice or services to other companies.

The advantage is that this sort of funding is non-interest bearing that you are not giving away any value in your business. but these different duties can be a diversion from your center business, as they require your time and energy.In NDS they use other incomes as a source of finance and they try to move away from debt financing and Equity investors as they like to be more independent.

In NDS there source of finance comes from a variety of sources such as providing advice or services to other companies as they are the top company in their country in this industry, another source of finance is producing goods to other companies and the business itself and retail. Physical Resources The physical Resources itself is a factor of production as it allows the retail clothing enterprise to distribute its goods and services, and to reach its customers. Other physical assets that contribute to the functioning of the clothing company include equipment such as point of sales systems, which enable the customers to pay for the goods purchased. The technical infrastructure, which enables a physical store to reach its online customers, is also an essential factor of production if the store offers such services. Human Resources In the clothing industry labor is also one of many human resources. Labor is a very important human resource as it is required for sales, marketing, stacking up the clothing racks, technical support and finance, and customer service. Importantly, labor is specialized such that workers focus on the areas of business.

Technological ResourcesSecurity is one of the most important technological resources. in the 21st century were provided with high tech products to secure our shops and factories. Store security is a vital component of retail operations, and technology can assist in reducing incidents of shoplifting or break ins by  Attaching magnetic tags to all clothing items on store shelves, and pairing the tags with magnetic scanner alarms at all shops, it can discourage people from even attempting to steal your goods. Clothing shops can be protected by general premises security systems the same as houses. Advanced security systems can sound an alarm and automatically alert local law enforcement if anyone tries to open a door or window when the system is armed.

In this industry there’s a variety of other technological resources such as cars, computer programs, machinery etc.