Human the pursuit of happiness.Subsequently, each individual is born

Human Rights are fundamental assurance for each person and can not be denied to any human being. This allows all people to develop freely as an individual according to their qualities, skills and personal growth. The declaration of the thirteen United States of America establishes that human rights are indispensable and every human being must be treated equally. For the purpose of this is that every individual has inviolable rights that are naturals such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Subsequently, each individual is born free, with the right to live fully, to be treated in the same way as others and to  choose their way of live as long as it is in accordance with the law. Above all, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be refused to any person since these are essential parts of any individualFirstly, right to live, is a right that every human being has for the simple fact of existing and being alive. This is considered as a fundamental right of a person and no one have the permission to go against the right to continue living. Likewise, this right to life is the most important right for humans beings; because it is the basis that other rights can be performed by living freely. Consequently, without life the rights of any individual would not be fulfilled. For example, the right to life would be fulfilled when a woman has an unwanted pregnancy and make the decision of respect the life of whoever carries within her belly. Previously, the mother would have thought of going against this right by committing the abortion and denying the right to be born.Secondly, liberty is the right that every individual possess and allows each of the to do what they want according to their will; always when the law and others are respected. Therefore, liberty is crucial for an individual to be able to have a free, full file and do what makes they happy. For example, liberty to walk freely in a country. If individuals comply with the legal requirements of being free and able to transit in a country. They will have the right to makes their life there; and carry out with all activities that people want to do such as having families, jobs, own properties and make their dreams come true.In the same way,  the pursuit of happiness is based on the fact that everyone must live according to what makes them happy, archiving hapinnees and well-being in their life. In the case, each individual has the right to follow their dreams, goals and idea; as long as it does not interfere against others and also accordion to what the law has established. For instance, Eventually,