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HUB:The HUB isa server and has admin roles. It controls the functioning of the network. Hub polleach user, checking if it need to use the network. Many cables are used, if onecable fails the network will still work. Hubs are cheap and simple devices thatcan connect bunch of computers to each other but they are a little bit wastefulwith badwith.

( Bandwidth is a termfor data transfer per second.) Available at: When a computer sends aninformation to a hub, it duplicates the data on all other interfaces. Eachincoming bit is duplicated on all other interfaces.

It is the simplest andcheapest way to create a network, however, it does cause a lot of unnecessarytraffic. (If you have five hosts in the network, hubs unnecessarily send everypacket to those who are not interested of what is sent. This is a huge waste ofbandwidth also other people in the network can see each other’s traffic if theyuse free software.The SWITCH: Switch is a PC organizing gadget,which can interface gadgets together into a PC coordinate with the assistanceof utilizing bundle changing to gather, process and fare information to theparticular gadget that you have picked. Switches are gadgets that they haveloads of ports which can interface together different gadgets, numerous linksare connected to a change gadget to be able to impart between them. Systemchanges can figure out how to exchange information over a system with a greatdeal of gadgets.

Additionally the gadgets that they are interfacing with asystem switch can be recognized by the IP of the gadget which that enables thechange to coordinate the movement and deal with the security and theproficiency of the system. It is basically kind of like anetwork surge protection. When the switch is connected to a router, its portsacts like they are routers, so, more computers can be connected. The switcheshave different sizes of preference of usage.

Unlike HUB, switches use network cardsinside the computer to identify different computers with their MAC address. Soeach computer has their own private network. When four computers are connectedto switch, let’s say computer 1 wants to send a document to computer 4, atfirst switch does not know which computer to send the file so it sends all thecomputers and identifies computer 4’s MAC address and saves it into its memory.  References:Tim Fisher. 2017. What isBandwith?.

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