effects on pets. The canned food items can used: Solid Gold, buy Solid Gold, Solid Gold singapore, ANIMAL SKIN CREAM, cats foodHealthy food for your pets by Solid GoldDifferent pets have different dietary needs. They might be allergic to some food items which you might not know of due to being a first time pet owner or just lack of knowledge. For example, some cats are found to be allergic to dairy products like milk. Thus, this company brings to you a wide range of food options for your pets. All the products have been formulated after conducting extensive research and gaining knowledge on daily diet requirements of pet animals. The company was founded in year 1974 by a lady named Sissy. She realized how her pets needed a fuller and natural diet to keep them healthy and strong at different phases of their lifetime. She introduced the first line-up of products and received positive response from other animal lovers which continued to grow over the years. You too can feed your pets with best quality and completely natural food by buying Solid Gold.There are a mix of superfoods which are specially blended to ensure your pets’ health. With over 40 years of expertise in the field, the company has a wide range of holistic and naturally made dry foods, treats, canned foods and supplements for dogs as well as cats. Other than food items, the company also has a range of other products for pets like animal skin cream which is perfect to get rid of minor skin irritations that occur in dogs and horses. It must not be used on cats or food producing animals. The cream contains zinc and lanolin to provide topical treatment for different skin problems like small cuts, bites, mange etc. The dog must be kept distracted after the application to keep him from licking it off.Full time care for your pets by Solid Gold in SingaporeThe company is dedicated to developing products which are natural and have no side effects on pets. The canned food items can be easily served to your pets and they are going to relish it. These foods are meant to cater to special nutritional needs of your pets. Therefore, they are well-balanced meals with right amounts of nutritional value to keep your pets fit and active. The company has also won several awards for their high quality and fully satisfying food products for pets. Providing your pets with heathy and natural diet without any synthetic additives ensures that you provide them with the best possible care. Place your orders for dog and cat food on Lazada, a leading online shopping destination in Singapore. The online store also provides free nationwide shipping and 14-days free returns on all products.Why choose Solid Gold? • Completely natural and healthy foods for pets • Tasty and nutritious • Contains no harmful preservatives