and the old by MarklinThe company has been used: Marklin, buy Marklin, Marklin Singapore, MARKLIN Sleeping Car, MARKLIN Passenger CarMetal toys for the young and the old by MarklinThe company has been in the toy industry for more than 150 years. While it started as a simple tin toys manufacturer, it has grown to becomes one of the most famous and loved metal toys manufacturers worldwide. The toys designed and developed by the company are prototypes of working models of trains. The engineers and designers ensure that these prototypes are as similar to the original trains as possible. This is why the raw material used for manufacturing these toys is chosen to be as close as possible to the actual prototype. They make use of a variety of metals, alloys, metallic sheets, aluminium and high quality of plastic as well as wood wherever needed. A high degree of precision is seen when it comes to these models which are a perfect blend of high class engineering and artistic know how such that the consumers can get nothing but the best. You can buy Marklin models of trains from the online store of Lazada where the complete range is easily accessible for you to pick from.These toys are as attractive to the younger ones as the adults and can be a great way of spending some good family time together. The children can always learn and parents can teach them different new things through these models. One can experience great enjoyment while playing with these models which give a feel of originality in looks as well as the functionality on offer. The models are almost a smaller copy of their prototypes and the beautiful artistic designs done on the them give them a much glorified look. One can buy these for their children or decoration purposes and these can also be a great gifting option for the loved ones. There are several parts and models designed by the company like the Marklin sleeping car which comes with magnetic couplers to attach with the rest of the train. One can keep adding to their collection by buying these cars separately. These look exactly like the real train would.Beyond your imagination: Marklin in SingaporeThis company has its offices based in different countries like USA, Europe etc. and the German technology put to use makes the toys a lot more than just toys. Many people have an undying love for trains and they can make a collection using these models. They will also beautify the corners of your home giving it a very contemporary yet sophisticated look. The children playing with these models can learn a lot and develop their knowledge in the same. There are refrigerator cars, stake cars, dump cars, construction cars, Marklin passenger cars and many more such types of cars which can be used for adding to your collection. Explore the complete range and place your orders on Lazada as it provides nationwide free shipping and 14-days free returns on all products.Why choose Marklin? • 150 years of expertise in the field • Excellent know how in engineering along with artistic creativity instills life into these models • The raw material used is the same as that used in prototypes