Personal problems of my studies Essay

One of O’Keeney primary tips is how to make good grades. In his article he explains few tips in how to make good grades. By setting up a quiet study place, it won’t keep my mind distracted and I won’t have much to do except study.

When studying I should reward myself by taking a break and do things that I like to do. Also by taking notes on what I am studying, the reason being I can easily review my notes instead of reading the whole book. These helpful tips have showed me a way to find a good place to study and take notes.Another of O’Keeney tips is how to keep up with my responsibilities without going crazy. By planing ahead it will make my life much easier and I do not have to get caught in the moment. By setting up a monthly calendar, it will give me an overview of the whole term by marking down important dates so the days don’t sneak on me. By setting up a study schedule, this way I will be able to manage my time in a more organized and professional manner.

And by setting up a to-do list, this way I will be able to prioritize my time and important task in my daily life. In following and maintain a good schedule I will be able to have more free time and I do not have to worry on stress. Finally, the last of O’Keeney tips is how to deal with personal problems when they get in the way of my studies. By not letting personal problems get in the way with school it will help me keep good grades, but I still have to deal with them.Whenever I have a personal problem I should deal with it in a personal manner and even seek professional help. By doing this, it will help me achieve my goals and keep up with school.

By achieving all this tips I am going to be able to succeed in school and also in my own daily life. By leaning how to keep my a weekly schedule, which it will help me in school by keeping up for future papers and even when a bill is due. Also by dealing with my own personal problems and not letting it get in the way of my studies.