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How fake news doesreal harm                                                                     Stephanie Busari  This report, written by a computer science undergraduate, will recommenda TED talk to the university students, focusing the useful aspects of the talk. In the video Stephanie talks about the dreadful situation of Nigeria.

She tells about how the terrorist organization Boko Haram kidnapped 200 girlsfrom the Chibok city of Nigeria. Throughout the world, crime has been embodiedby the slogan #BringBackOurGirls. But when Stephanie went to Nigeria, thegovernment officials called the crime, a hoax. It is a pity that this hoax narrativepersisted.

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 In April 2016 Stephanie got a video in which Boko Haram showed the girlsalive. Consequently, Nigerian senate members managed to talk to Boko Haram. Eventually22 girls were freed in October 2016. The fake news caused a delay in theirreturn. This clarifies the lethal danger of fake news.

 There are various IT companies who are trying to get a solution to stop thespread of false news. We can also play an important role in finding a solutionto this problem. One way by which one can stop the spread of fake news is tocheck and verify the news before spreading or publishing it between others. He shouldask the tough questions to know about the reality of the information he discoveredonline. Another solution to tackle this problem is the social sites must have tocheck everyone’s post before it is being published. They should delete all theposts that hurt other’s emotions.

They should remove those users from the socialsite who spread these lies. It is not possible to get rid of fake news stories completely. But itcan be decreased to some limit.

For that, we must take some strict stepsagainst the spread of fake news stories.