HOW know how to live apart”. Wise and intellectual

Once upon a time in God-knows-where, a person has rightly said, “If you want to live together, you must
know how to live apart”.
Wise and intellectual words, I must say.
But it is not so easy for a madly in love couple to be separated by miles. The feeling of togetherness,
holding hands under the table, sipping the same coffee together, kissing under mistletoe and cuddling in
the bed are not part of their routine. This often leads to unwanted advice from friends and family that
the relationship might not work out.
But what if it can? What if the base of a long distance relationship depends upon the way you approach
Here are some expert tips on what you should be doing to make sure your long distance relationship
with your partner does not go down the drain.
1. Positivity is the key to kisses!
If you have people constantly feeding you things like ‘This won’t work’, ‘you are wasting your
time’, ‘this is meant to be broken’ and on and on and on….. Avoid them, as soon as possible!
Positivity is the first step to maintain a romantic relationship between two individuals. If you stay
positive, you speak and behave positively with your partner. This would create a healthy
atmosphere between you and bickering can be avoided. Your partner would be able to see how
much you love him and nothing else would bother you much. Having negative thoughts seep into
your head is a dangerous infection. Wash those thoughts away with a disinfectant immediately!

2. Creative Communication
Don’t we all want to do something new every morning we wake up? That is what a relationship
expects too. Don’t make your conversation seem like a dragged version of daily soaps. Keep it
simple yet creative. Make sure you do not speak about the same topic for so long that your
partner feels you have nothing else to speak about. This would create an impression that the
bond between you is slowly weakening. Keeping the conversations to its creative best would
maintain the magic of your togetherness. Some ‘dirty talk’ in between is very healthy! Keep the
other person entertained and give them an insight about what is happening in your life. Send
them few post cards or hand written letters in between, keeping the usual chatting and
messaging to the side. They will have something real and hard to hold on to in your absence.

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3. Space, Please!
It is obvious that you won’t know everything about what’s happening in your partner’s life while
you stay miles apart from them. However, this should not be a reason for you to pester them
constantly with ‘what’s up?’ and ‘What’s happening?’ They might not be in a mood to tell you
everything or worse, think that you do not trust them anymore! Give them some space and let
them speak at their own pace. If they want to tell you, they will. Don’t message them hundred
times in a day just to see how your messenger is working! That tring-tring sound of the phone can
irritate few people. Keep it limited. Not too much and not too low.

4. Surprise Visits!
Imagine what your partner’s reaction would be to see you on their porch as soon as they wake
up? A hug and a lingering kiss is a definite! Surprise visits to you partner can help reduce the pain
of staying apart. It would give you time to spend with each other despite your busy schedules.
Once or twice, it is important that your partner does not forget the fact that you are real and not
any figment of their imagination. Plan a romantic date or a good picnic outing with them.

5. Honesty is the best policy
It is a very, very old saying but still applicable today. When your partner is not with you to know
what keeps running in your mind and heart, it becomes your responsibility to be honest with
what you tell them. Honesty is the main tool which helps in creating a zone of comfort between
you people. It helps your partner feel secure about his or her stance in your life. Be it about your
friends, family, feelings or something as simple as your pet, try to be very honest with them. They
shouldn’t get the impression that you are hiding something.

Nothing is impossible if the person you love is the person you are with. Distance is a futile thing
before the binding of hearts. If you will to have him with you, even distance would fear to keep
you apart. Have a clear head about what you expect from your relationship and keep things as
uncomplicated as possible. Give them love and shower them with affection. Even if they were
locked in a dungeon in some abandaned part pf antartica, your love would prevail above all.
All the best and lots of love!