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How to create the perfect lead magnetIf you’re looking for lead magnet ideas you’ll also find it valuable to learn how to create the perfect lead magnet. After all, what would a good lead magnet idea be worth if nobody consumed the content and implemented it?First off, those who are just starting out with online lead generation may be wondering “what is a lead magnet?”. So a lead magnet is some freebie your giving away in exchange for a person’s email. In other words, if you’re looking to get more subscribers to your mailing list, you need to have some kind of incentive on your website. Such an incentive, a lead magnet, could be a report, a video, a cheat sheet, a checklist, a template or practically anything that your audience will want to get their hands on. A perfect lead magnet will be the ethical bribe for people to give up their email. In this post on “how to create the perfect lead magnet” we’ll make creating the lead magnet simple for you. We’ll explain five traits of a great lead magnet.1. Gives a specific solution for a laser-targeted market The perfect lead magnet needs to provide a clear solution for a problem a particular audience faces.  Put simply, you don’t want to go vague with your lead magnet content.For example, “How To Make Money Online” sounds too generic, doesn’t it. It doesn’t let the reader know if it’s just for them, if it’s something they can do and if it will get them results. Although the idea is big and interesting to most people, the headline is so incredibly vague. Such lead magnets are not targeted to a specific niche and they don’t present a crystal-clear solution.On the flipside, instead of saying “How To Make Money Online” you can use a title such as “How To Use The World’s Leading Freelance Marketplace To Make Up To $10,000 A Month As A Beginner Web Designer”.Now, that is a lot more specific. And of course, you can rephrase the title if you want to remove earning claims or mention the name of that specific freelance marketplace–which is UpWork.See how instead of tackling the entire subject of making money on the internet, we have narrowed it down to a specific topic that gives a solution to a specific audience–beginner web designers who want to make money freelancing.Here’s another example of a bad lead magnet. “How To Speed Up Your Website”. Who is this for? A solopreneur? A blogger? A developer? Is it good for a blog? How about a large ecommerce site? Is it suited for HTML websites or WordPress only? These are only few questions that a potential lead can have before they decide to download your lead magnet. You get the picture… And because the headline is too vague maybe visitors will leave your site without taking action. Transform that to “The Non-techie’s Guide To Doubling The Speed Of Your WordPress Blog” and you have a specific topic for a laser-targeted audience.Keep in mind, when creating the perfect lead magnet topic, that you need to abandon the idea of a big overarching market. It’s hard for some people to do that because they feel like they will close fewer deals with clients. But the truth is that narrowing down to a particular niche will help you create high-converting lead magnets, better products and generate more sales because your marketing messages will speak to these people’s needs.  2. Promises one major resultAn effective lead magnet would need to give a big promise and sell people on a big idea. You don’t want to promise that your lead magnet will deliver on a ton of things. You want to show your prospect that, after they consumed and implemented the content of the lead magnet, they will have arrived at a specific, measurable result. At the same time, you’re inspiring your audience to believe that the solution is totally possible. You want to give them hope, examples, and strategies to help them believe they can get the same good results.You’re not giving necessarily the whole “how to” process and you’re not giving up your expertise. You don’t need to go and create a 70-page ebook on the entire subject–in fact you shouldn’t be doing that. All you need to do is focus on one basic result you want your potential customers to get. One thing that will demonstrate that your solutions work for them. If you were to make a lot of promises, your leads wouldn’t have the time or energy to implement them, and, in turn, thye wouldn’t get results. Then, they will be under the impression that your methods don’t work.If you take our original example of “The Non-techie’s Guide To Doubling The Speed Of Your WordPress Blog”, the content of your lead magnet could be about this: How to install a free plugin from the WordPress repository, set it up with two or three clicks, and how to measure their blog speed before and after installing the plugin. Give them images, examples and practical tips along the way.When you limit the promise to a known, specific result it’s more likely that the reader will actually implement your ideas and be happy about the outcome.Always keep in mind that people are looking for results; that’s why they’ll google something like “how to speed up my blog”. They want to find a DIY way to get the best result possible. Answer their question in a specific way, and you have your perfect lead magnet. Give people mesurable outcomes, like percentages, numbers or timeframes, e.g. such as to accomplish something within 1 hour or within 3days, and so on and so forth. Whatever is most appropriate to your offer. Build  that specific result into the title of your lead magnet to attract more people who want fast, measurable results.3. Will give immediate gratificationThis takes us to the next point, which is that the perfect lead magnet will give your audience instant gratification. You know as well as we do that patience and attention span are constantly diminishing due to a ton of information we receive everyday, mostly on the internet and on our smartphones. We all spend hours consuming content and we all feel more often than not that we need quick and easy solutions to our problems.We won’t judge it but it’s a fact that people are acustomed to immediate gratification on social media, and that fact has altered our behavior. Instead of resesting to the need for instant gratification, what you should do instead is to use it for the benefit of your online business.This trait of a perfect lead magnet, goes very tightly into the previous point we talked about. The major difference with this is that you don’t want your lead magnet to deliver on something huge. To build your list, you don’t need to create anything big, like how to create a complete sales funnel from top to bottom. Such a monster will take time and effort to implement, so it won’t give people immediate gratification. Think for a second; When people arrive at your landing page they are warm alread. That’s because they have either searched on Google or they have cliked on your ad. In other words they are in the mode of finding an answer to their question. Then, they enter their email to download your seemingly perfect lead magnet. They feel like they have the solution in hand. They are even warmer, and in a mode of taking action. They open your lead magnet and  they start consuming the content. This is when they need to feel that your solution is something they can implement right away and they also need to belive that, implementing it, will get them the results you promised.So, you want to move the new subscriber down the pathway of belief. You want to amplify their hopes that they can get the result they wish for. They need to believe that a solution is possible.Again, mind that you cannnot solve all of their problems with one PDF. What you want instead is to take them one step further to transforming their current state to a ideal new state. You want to have them realize that they have actually took the first important step, that they made that headway. Simply put, you want to give your new lead a quick win. You want to give them a link to go to your site and see more of your services, share a testimonial about you or just tell you about their results. This way they will acknowledge the fact that your methods work, and this can spark a conversation. This perfect lead magnet is going to help your business when people get results and engage with you because they are now going to think of you when the need similar services or solutions.4. Can be consumed in just a few minutes.We have kind of touched on this but it’s important to stress this pont because it is essential to a perfect lead magnet; You need to make sure that your lead magnet can be consumed in less than 30 minutes (ideally in less thatn 15 minutes) and on any device. Long videos, 30-day challenges, or 70-page ebook won’t do the magic trick. It’s not necessary to have extensive introductions and conlusions. No need for much detail about the topic. You want your leads to be able to consume your content fast, on their computer or mobile device and be able to start seeing results quickly. Use images or screenshots that demonstrate what you want to explain. This will help you make your paragraphs shorter and easier to read. Checklists and cheat sheets are preferrable over the typical ebooks, because the user can quickly scan the whole content.Other ideas for perfect, easy-to-consume lead magnets are resource lists, email swipes, newsletter templates, lists of ideas, short screencasts or audio files.You don’t need to impress people with size because the longer your lead magnet the less people will read it anyway. If you definitely want to give them more content, you can them direct them to an additional resource from within the free ebook. Now that these leads have entered your funnel you can communicate with them and provide them as much content as you want.As we mentioned before, internet users are overwhelmed with information. You need to keep that in mind if you want to publish the perfect lead magnet out there. You don’t want your work to be another PDF collecting dust on the user’s hard drive. Your first goal is to have people download the lead magnet, and your next goal is to motivate them to instantly consume your content, instead of filing it on their computer. If they leave it for later, that later will most likely never happen.7. Has a high perceived value Marketers say that videos are products with a high perceived value compared to ebooks. That’s understandable because everyone understands that a video requires equipent and technical know-how while an ebook can be created using any word processor. Of course perceptions change over time as technology and marketing tactics evolve.A perfect lead magnet doesn’t necessarily need to be a video but it needs to have a high perceived value. This doesn’t have to do with a dollar amount; the lead magnet needs to seem valuable to people because they will expect it to solve a nagging issue.Some marketers rely on psychology when they say that their ebook is “Valued at $17, now available for free.” In most cases, this is a marketing trick because they never really sold the ebook for that price. They’re just amplifying the perceived value. You don’t need to play games like that though; you can increase the perceived value of your perfect lead magnet by stressing the benefits of using it. If you can convince your targeted audience that you can give them a reliable solution with this lead magnet, then you have a winning case. To accomplish that you need to know exactly who your ideal customer is. Paint the picture of your customer avatar as clearly ass possible. Scripty’s customization features will help you do that. With Scriptly you can create as many customer avatars as you want, understand their situation and find the big concerns that they have so you can then build better lead magnets and better optin page copy.When you’re speaking to a well-described customer avatar you will know the single biggest concern they have. You can create an effective lead magnet to solve that. You can promote that lead magnet by writing good landing page copy that increases the perceived value. ConclusionSo these are our top 5 tips on creating the perfect lead magnet. Put them to use when you’re in the process of creating a new freebie to entice subscribers to join your list. You can also implement these practical ideas to transform your existing low-performing lead magnets to new exciting lead-grabbing offers. Now, creating the perfect lead magnet sounds a lot easier doesn’t it?