Hope other players even though he is shorter and

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness; said Desmond Tutu, a human rights activist. One may experience many challenges and losses in life. Success depends on how we face all these obstacles to achieve our goals.This is exactly what Junior, tells us in the novel ‘ The Absolute True Diary of a Part-time Indian ‘.In this novel, it is illustrated through the use of characters and atmosphere that – ‘hope helps a person to face all the challenges and losses that may arise, with a certain mindset suitable to accomplish the objectives of life’. The theme of the novel ‘ The Absolute True Diary of a Part-time Indian ‘ is most clearly explained by the element character, especially that of Junior(Arnold Spirit).Arnold is hopeful and has the determination to achieve what he desires.” I want to go to Reardan”.

“If I don’t go now, I never will.I have to do it now”; Junior said(Page 46).Determined to get the best education, he takes a crucial decision of leaving the reservation to attend an all-white school.He is not bothered that he might get bullied or get called as a traitor by the reservation people.Even though he is physically and mentally challenged, he hopes to find success in life.Arnold then proves to be ambitious, daring and persistent.”You stitch me up”.

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I want to play tonight”. “Then I’ll look tougher,”  Junior said(Page 146).As he reached Wellpinit for his first match, he was deeply discouraged by the reservation people.He could see the fierce rage in Rowdy’s eyes.

But he just focuses on his mission to give the best in the match and decides to continue to play even after he gets injured. He doesn’t consider him less than other players even though he is shorter and weaker than other players. Junior is a perfect example to show  those who accept defeat or give up their life just because they couldn’t achieve anything in their lives.Junior displays confidence and courage in the next match against Wellpinit in Reardan.Here, the mood of the story becomes more revengeful as Junior struggles to defeat them.

“I have to prove that I am stronger than everybody else. I will never give up. I m never going to surrender to anybody”;Junior said. (Page 186)These words from Junior give goosebumps to the  readers. With his extreme perseverance ,he manages to beat them by a large margin. He strongly believes that he is better than others which makes him different from ordinary kids. At the end of the novel,atmosphere becomes gloomy and tormented.

“More than anything I wanted to kill God. I was joyless. I mean, I cant even tell you how I found the strength to get up every morning. And yet, every morning, I did get up and go to school”.

Despite after the death of Eugene,his grandmother and sister Junior doesn’t lose hope. He still manages to move on by discovering little pieces of joy in his life that most of us forget about. Junior tries hard to find the strength in himself and moves on with his life to achieve his dreams.