Honourable to agree upon finding solutions on Agenda A:Measures

Honourable chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations, the delegate ofChina strongly urges member nations to agree upon finding solutions on Agenda A:Measures to resolve slavery and labor abuse in the fishing sector in Southeast Asia.Slavery in the fishing sector of Southeast Asia is a systematic problem.

Depletion offishes made workers to seek for illegal measures to maintain their profit, which led to thesevere usage of slavery. Now, it is no longer a few people’s crime, but rather a national-sizesystemized crime.In order to address such problem, there have been a lot of past actions.

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Here are some ofthem: P029-Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labor Convention, which ensured countries topromise on the prevention, protection, and remedy on forced labour, and ILO ConventionNo. 188, which set out the binding requirements to address the main issues concerningwork on board fishing vessels.China has severe human rights issue, especially regarding slavery. A lot of people,especially those who came from the rural area are prone to getting involved in slavery.

Thereby, China is taking various measures to alleviate the situation. One of them areNational Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking for 2013 to 2020. The General Officeof the State Council, China’s Cabinet, issued an action plan for fighting human trafficking(2013-2020) to lower the abduction-related crimes.

This action plan was created inaccordance with the international convention and Chinese laws.As China did, this delegate urges other member states to also adopt some sort of actionplans to tackle the slavery problem, especially the Southeastern countries. As this hasbecome a systematic problem, the active action plan would be the only way to tackle suchissue.The delegate of China believes that there is always a room for improvement in regards toempowering human rights in any country. It is the duty of all countries to strive forimproved human rights and China is willing to engage in discussions to enhance humandignity for all people.