Home safe. With its many galleries, playhouses, eateries, cycle

Home to almost 380,000people, Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is truly a star in its own right.It came as no surprise to me that Canberra is declared as the best place tolive in the world by New York Times. It is, no doubt, the most amazing place Ihave ever stayed with modern infrastructure and award-winning urbandevelopments with a delightful contrast to the untouched natural environmentthat surrounds it.I moved here almost 4years ago to continue my studies in the field of Information Technology. Myhometown is Islamabad. Designed by a firm of Greek architects, it is believedthat they relied heavily on Walter Burley Griffin’s vision of Canberra. Wideopen boulevards, leafy residential streets with sprawling houses and abundanceof cafes and restaurants, it felt like home away from home.A cautiously plannedand stunningly appointed Capital city, Canberra is the most outstanding andpractical city Australia offers.

It is modern, manageable, vivacious, scenicand safe. With its many galleries, playhouses, eateries, cycle paths andwalking tracks, it is full of things to do and see. Safety is everyone’spriority and when it comes to me, it is my top most concern. Canberra is thesafest city with lowest crime rates of any major Australian city.

Canberraoffers all the delight and benefits of city living without the traffic,pollution and anxiety of larger cities. Peak hours lasts less than an hour. Being a nature lover, Iadmire the fact that every pocket of Canberra has its parks and many streetsare lined with trees and beautiful garden. Every season is beautiful inCanberra. Winter with its amazing frosts and icicles hanging off the trees, autumnwith the blaze of color as the trees turn, spring with the beautiful blossomsand summer with its breathtaking sunsets.

There is a jam-packed calendar ofvibrant national events. National Folk Festival, Floriade and the CanberraBalloon Festival are worth mentioning. The presence of embassies brings a lotof multicultural events to town that would otherwise not be possible.Canberra is a place to enthusiasticallypursue your ideas and dreams. Canberra offers abundant job openings in theprivate and public sector at all areas of expertise and across a range of fundamentalindustries. Canberra has one of the best job markets and lowest unemploymentrates as compared to the most cities in Australia. Workforce in Canberra enjoythe highest average full-time salary in Australia. I have friends in almostevery city in Australia and detailed discussion with them makes me realize thatrent, groceries and basic utilities are comparatively cheap in Canberra thanmany other cities in Australia.

You can maintain the same standard of living asof other cities with low income.In short, Canberra is alot like my country town I grew up in but with proper safety, real jobs and afull set of museums and galleries and other national institutions. I realizethat I would be more than happy to live in Canberra with my family. I feel Ican utilize my skills and abilities and can contribute in national economy. Iwish to maintain a high living standard with my partner on a permanent basis. Ibelieve that Canberra will offer me great opportunities along with therecreational facilities. I am looking for a platform where I can fully utilizemy skills and this is what living in Canberra will give me more than anywhereelse.I have high hopes thatCanberra will accept me so that I can make it my hometown, utilize my skillsand abilities with  a team ofprofessionals which will help me to capitalize on my professional growth andcreate a future full of possibilities.