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Ho Chi Minh CityHo Chi Minh City is a well-known town in Vietnam and gave me experiences that I had not had before. After getting to the city, I interacted with some people and observed their way of living so that I could fit in. I liked the culture of the people in this town as well as the historical sites that form the foundation of their forefathers and past struggles. The historical sites also explain the extent to which the country was involved in the Vietnam war and the impacts it hard on the people in the society (CITY, 2011).

The city also reminds the nation of the French colonists through the different landmarks made from materials imported from France. The city is rich in the history of the people of Vietnam and the culture of the people. I also liked the city life and the way that every person appreciated nature by taking care of the environment and its preservation.

This is an experience that made me feel like I was in the US again where the situation is the same on environmental conservation. I was surprised by the safety of the city and how every person took care of the other even without knowing them. The city does not have people loitering without cause as every person is busy with their daily activities. The security system also ensured that people could not get involved in some harmful events in the town. This was a bit similar to the US where the police officers have a role in ensuring safety and taking care of the criminals (CITY, 2011). The safety of the city was guaranteed throughout, and one could walk from one part to the other without the fear of attacks. When purchasing various items in the city, bargaining is essential, and every person engages in the act. This is not a typical feature in America as bargaining almost does not exists regardless of what one wants to purchase.

 The people of the city barely speak English so that only a small percentage will communicate using the language. I was however surprised by the way in which all the people in the city are helpful and friendly despite being shy. It is hard to find all people having similar characteristics like it was the case in the city. All the people treat each other with respect and are nice despite their differences. As a result, making friends was easy, and one can count on any other person in times of need (CITY, 2011). Learning about Ho Chi Minh City gave me an opportunity to understand the differences in the global economy and how to embrace them for positive gains. The city taught me that diversity makes the world grow and people have different cultures which they want to hold onto for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, going global will require cultural competence and the ability to embrace diversity regardless of its nature. Hong KongThe trip to Hong Kong was an eye opener to most of the things I did not know about the population living there. However, the experience was positive since I liked the culture of the people and the historical sites in the town. The historical sites included Lantau Island and Nan Lian Garden, and they were respected by the people of Hong Kong. The city is also organized and clean so that the people know how to perform environmental conservation. The city does not contain parts that have wastes or any other materials that could contribute to its unhygienic nature.

The city life and the nature of the place also caught my attention (Cheung et al. 2015). People remained busy throughout the day, and as a standard feature, most worked in organizations located in the center. The city attracted my attention since it had the best environment where people knew the importance to conserve and preserve the natural resources. The city was very safe and could not compare to any of the American cities.

The people in the city focused on their daily businesses and avoided any activity that would contribute to insecurity. The people in the city aimed to do what took them to the city and later go back to their homes. Most of the people in the city speak English so that communication was not a hard task to accomplish (Cheung et al. 2015). It was possible to learn a lot of things from the population since I could easily communicate and ask questions which they answered easily.

Bargaining in Hong Kong is common a feature not embraced in America. Therefore, when purchasing various items, it was possible to have a reduction of the prices through bargaining. I was surprised by the fact that the air conditioner system in the city buildings does not turn off even during the cold seasons. This is unusual and different from the case in America where air conditioning is turned off during the cold season. However, the experience in the city taught me some lessons about involvement in the global economy. In this case, I learned that there are many differences in the global environment and there is the need to have prior preparation to some of the changes including cultural diversity and the living conditions and styles for people in most of the cities (Cheung et al.

2015). Therefore, when planning on doing activities globally, there is the need to focus on the best methods to apply when interacting and creating relations with people from different parts. I also learned that the way in which people do things differs from one city to the other a reason why knowing about groups of people is vital in the global economy. Section TwoSome of the visits to the different cities had more significance than others.

I was able to learn some essential things from two visits in Hong Kong. I got relevant information related to Hong Kong under the following topicsInvesting in Hong KongHong Kong is one of the cities whose business operations are influenced by some factors including its location and the political systems. The city is located in the heart of Asia implying that most of the business activities in the country take place in the city. A lot of financial transactions take place in the city where people meet to trade for products and services. Hong Kong thus becomes the best place to perform business activities in Asia because of the government support for the firms (Cheung et al. 2015). The strategic location has attracted many investors, and since it has become a significant source of revenue for the government, there is support by the various institutions.

The government also provides an operating environment that fosters the growth of each of the companies regardless of their industry of operation. The support for business activities promotes the acquisition of high amounts of revenue by the government. Establishing a company in Hong Kong is easy through the Hong Kong Company Incorporation. Also, most of the organizations succeed in the region due to low and simple tax regimes that enable firms to grow at a fast rate. Most corporations find it hard to achieve in some nations due to high rates of taxation that have a negative impact on the gains received in the long term. However, Hong Kong provides investors with an opportunity to grow and expand their operations through the low taxes (InvestHK, 2017).

On the other hand, the city has fast internet speed implying that online businesses succeed since they can utilize it for various transactions. Spreading information related to a product or service will become easy through the internet as it will reach people in different parts of the world. The city thus provides a healthy business environment that could facilitate the success of various firms.

 The city has also incorporated a number of the best universities worldwide which attract students from different countries who acquire their various levels of learning. The universities contribute to the growth of the business environment, especially where the students participate in innovation and creative activities for products and services. The universities also represent the global environment which all companies should consider when venturing the global market (InvestHK, 2017). The recruitment of the employees is easy and acquiring highly skilled personnel becomes possible through the various stages of selection and hiring. The life in Hong Kong pushes one to know more about the success of their businesses and opens the eye towards growth and development regardless of the situation. Immigration goes through the right process where people acquire their visas and can easily settle in the city for as long as they would want. This has made it easy for5 international organizations to succeed in Hong Kong. The government has ensured that trading blocs are established to promote trading across various countries.

International trade is therefore transparent and efficient a reason why most of the companies go global. Investing in Hong Kong assures one of high returns since the business environment is free of barriers and facilitates the growth of different organizations. The government of Asia has an understanding of the way in which trade should take place and has enabled investors to contribute to the growth of the different companies (InvestHK, 2017). In this case, sourcing for funding in a firm becomes an easy task since investors are attracted to growing businesses and a healthy environment. The government has therefore succeeded in ensuring that corporations can have the required funding and that they achieve returns after undertaking the business operations in Hong Kong. Creation of the best business environment has thus facilitated the growth of Hong Kong, and this has contributed to the increased amount of income for the nation. Lee JeansThe company has become involved in the clothing industry and has succeeded through the localization of its brands. Most of the people in Asia buy their jeans from the organization, and this has grown its sales through the years.

The company has made the Asians not to look for other firms that would provide them with jeans. In this case, localization has become the primary focus of the company where manufacturing focuses on the needs of the people in the society The (Marginalist, 2016). The different types of jeans and their affordable prices have thus made it easy for the firm to create a broad customer base. The Asian people have different body shapes when compared to the Westerners. As a result, it becomes hard for them to have access to the types of clothes that will fit them well. However, through Lee Jeans, customization has taken place, and jeans that align with the shape of the customers have been designed to meet the demands of the customers in the market.

 In the past, Lee Jeans operated with an international perspective and met the demands of the people from various parts of the world. However, after realizing that the Asians could find it hard to acquire their sizes, the company focused on the satisfaction of the Asian citizens before going abroad. The Asian people have since then embraced and supported the clothing company since they can fulfill their needs through purchasing the trousers (NewTech, 2017). The brand is not only available and affordable in the country but classy for the population.

It does not resemble others from various companies a reason why most of the customers get attracted to buying it. The company has its focus on ensuring that the Asians can finally have an organization that takes care of their clothing needs. The jeans company has also manufactured different brands, and this has caught the attention of most of the customers in the market.The Asians consider Lee Jeans as the prime brand that has all the characteristics that meet their demands. The company also has its objectives of ensuring that the Asians can finally have access to the brands that align with their body shapes. Other jeans companies exist in Asia, but Lee Jeans has emerged the second largest company in the country. The focus of the firm’s management is not only in quantity but quality as well (Marginalist, 2016).

The Asians, therefore, purchase the brand due to its availability and affordability as well as its quality. The company, however, does not only focus on the local market but also the international market where it exports its products to the different parts of the world. The growth of the organization has an association with its commitment and determination to understand the various needs of the customers in the market. Support of the local industries is at the heart of the Asians where they aim at giving the support required to achieve success in the long term.

 The use of visual science has led to the growth and the success of the Lee Jeans Company. Through research, the company managed to identify some of the ways through which it would meet the demands of most of the people in the society. The organization thus reviewed VF as a competitor in the clothing industry and gained some insights on how to grow its operations. The VF Corporation deals with optics and visual science which implies that the designing activity of the various brands focuses on how well the company understands the needs of the multiple customers (NewTech, 2017). The adoption of the fact that the eye perceives different shapes contributed to the need to develop various designs and shapes of the jeans clothes that could meet the requirements of the customers. Matching garments with the human shape thus became the aim of the corporation where the Instagram generation wants to have their curves displayed by the clothes which they wear.

 The RMIT University VietnamThe RMIT University was founded in 2001, and since it started its operations, it has two campuses located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The university was at first foreign-owned and was allowed to operate in Vietnam. The university has won more than 13 Golden Dragon Awards for excellence by the Vietnamese Government. The government has promoted education in the university by offering grants.

Since it was founded, it has provided more than 4.5 million USD to support education for the different students from the nation (RMIT University, 2017). The availability of education services in the university has facilitated the growth and development of economic and social systems in the country. Most of the students have focused on the different ways through which they can utilize their innovative and creative skills that will have a positive impact on the business environment. The university has thus played an essential role in the development of the business environment in Vietnam. The RMIT University has provided an opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of the different business and economic aspects. The university offers various courses related to business and entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, the facility has made it easy for people from the nation and other parts of the world to access education. Through the support of the government, the university has funded most of the students so that they have managed to realize their potential in the nation. Understanding the business environment is one of the ways through which the students have succeeded from the learning institution. The facility provides resources that enable the students to succeed in the business environment while and after studying. Therefore, the university has contributed to the growth of the city as business understanding has thrived thus contributing to the growth of firm organizations.

 The business landscape of Vietnam focuses on entrepreneurship where people should be creative and innovative to identify gaps in the society. The students who attend various courses in the university get an opportunity to explore options which they can use to become successful business people in the community. Entrepreneurship enables people to learn the various diverse ways through which they can venture into business (RMIT University, 2017). Also, since students from different parts of the world seek education in the institution, there is the opportunity to join hands in developing long-lasting businesses that will meet the needs of the people in Vietnam. Different types of businesses will meet the requirements of the customers in the market. The acquisition of knowledge in the university will thus make the students better people in the society since they will utilize their skills and abilities meet demands of the customers in the market. The learning institution has contributed to the growth of businesses in the Vietnam society where people have identified the unmet needs and gaps.

Most of the organizations are established with the aim of realizing the needs of the customers and some of the changes which they need to satisfy their demands. The business environment is highly dynamic, and the university offers training to some of the trends that the students should expect as they establish their businesses. The university has thus served the society by growing their knowledge and understanding of the business activities that have long-term results (Castells et al. 2017). On the other hand, the learning institution serves the majority of the population, and through the grants by the government, the students have managed to learn and know the best ways to achieve the businesses which they establish in the nation. The university has thus led to the growth of the economy of Vietnam through a better understanding of businesses and ways of making improvements in the country.