History of social production employers of wage labor. So,

History of all to existing society is the history of class struggles (Marx)  so it’s basically just positing this idea that there are the rich and there are the ones who are not rich they’re the ones who aren’t controlled or the ones who are subjugated and conflicts between these people have basically shaped all of history.Engels came up with good definitions for both of the class groups.  Bourgeoise as being the class of modern capitalist’s owners of the means of social production employers of wage labor. So, the Bourgeoise were the people who owned the businesses and pay other people to do the work. the proletariat are known as the class of modern wage laborers who have a no means of production of their own are reduced to selling their labor power to live, so these are all the people who basically people earn a paycheck to survive.  You can kind of see in today’s world that you have the Bourgeoise who own the corporations and then there are the proletariat who work in the factories or work in the cubicle.

 This sort of dynamic is still alive and well today. Another idea I want to bring up is free trade capitalism you know as Bourgeoise versus proletarian interest has set up a situation in which free trade is really the only freedom that we have and that freedom in other regards are not as important,Globalization or a capitalist production ends up resulting in us wanting and needing things that we didn’t even know existed before. Where you have globalization, you develop desires and wants for things that before wouldn’t have been an option.  For example,  you know you can live in the northern United States and Canada and you can develop a want to the desire to eat oranges well before globalization you would not have the option to have that oranges from the south, but now you created this want or desire to have an orange because now we do have this desire due to globalization Karl Marx brings up thiss the idea of  the proletariat the population sort of being subjugated that because they are just having to use their labor to earn money there, but not to earn money off of the products necessarily is that the things that they once upon a time I maybe would’ve gotten great satisfaction from laboring over now they just have to serve mass produce. Like you know you imagine the person who’s working at McDonald’s that’s like a classic sort of proletariat type of individual is this person working at McDonald’s there enslave by the machines that they have to work with and create, they are enslaved by the product, enslaved by the Over looker their managers who is telling them what to do all the time and more than anything there enslaved by the McDonald’s.

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with this idea someone else is getting rich off their cheap labor.