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History of Rock and RollThe background of Rock and Roll dates all the way back to the early 1900s. It went through many stages including: The Blues, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Rock, Prog Rock, and so much more. The Stages of Rock all had something unique to make them different from the previous stage. Things like: fashion, instruments, performance, and dance help differentiate the different stages of Rock and Roll.

Every generation had their own idea on what Rock and Roll should be. Each stage of Rock and Roll was different and new to fans of the previous stage.This style of music went through all these stages and styles but one theme or idea that had always been present was the idea that Rock and Roll was not good for young children or teenager’s ears. Despite all the hate on the stages of Rock and Roll new generations accepted it and learned to love it. If it wasn’t for Rock and Roll, Music wouldn’t be what it is today. If we go all the way back to the route of Rock and Roll we would find The Blues and Muddy Waters.

The Blues was sadly inspired by slavery. Slaves sang songs while working on the farm and this created the sound and lyrics of The Blues. Muddy Waters is important in the topic of blues because he is the ideal blues singer. He gained his popularity by performing at small clubs. The one thing Muddy Waters is well known or is the idea of making Blues electric. This also was mind blowing at the time because black artists were discriminated against and this made it hard for them to get big. In the end, Muddy Waters took more fame than he  probably ever expected to.

As for the sincere and personal lyrics, they moved on to the next subgenre of Rock and Roll.A following step of Rock and Roll would be Folk Rock. Folk Rock to the ideas of the intimate and personal lyrics and made them poetic. One important figure of Folk Rock would be Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan was known for his amazing way with words. Although he may not have been classically trained he manage to grab attention with his poetry.

Many people argue whether or not he was a musician or a poet. His song ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’ protested the civil rights movement in the 1960s. This brought a more honest and open style of lyrics for the Rock and Roll genre.The next step towards the modern day Rock and Roll would be Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. When it came to this subgenre the songs were meaningful and dark.

They used their sound and lyric to express the hard time in the working class. Many songs were about how dangerous and scary it was to work in a factory at the time. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal also introduces intricate guitar and bass lines, along with harmonies. An example of a band that did this would be Queen. In some of Queen’s songs they talk about dying or being killed like their song ‘Another One Bites the Dust.’ There are many other bands that also write about sad and dark topics.Music evolves and Glam Rock is created. Glam Rock continued on the honest lyrics of Folk Rock.

In some cases this style of music was political. A huge part of Glam Rock was the style or fashion it introduced. Artists like David Bowie, a man, dressed as a women for performances or music videos. This style of music was also known for having multiple layers of instruments or vocals. To add even more to it they would, in a way, put on a show, as if they were a character in a play.

After Glam Rock we find Prog Rock. Prog Rock made complexity and simplicity at the same time. They balanced these characteristics to make a complex but simple kind of music. Artists usually include long instrumental breaks in this type of Rock and Roll. Pink Floyd is considered a well known Prog Rock band. The songs usually are long because of instrumental breaks.

Prog Rock was also known for having a kind of classical sense to it.As we move on to Funk Rock, we find artists like James Brown. In Funk Rock music all instruments play as though they were a bass. The songs would have a strong Rhythm or beat. During this time, ‘white flight’ was a problem and the Civil Rights Movement didn’t seem all that great. Funk Rock gave African Americans hope and an escape from the harsh reality. Songs like James Brown’s ‘Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved’ encouraged people to try and make a difference and be happy. Funk Rock brought the idea or getting up and dancing to the beat.

This all started a different view on Rock and Roll.Next up is Disco and Disco, just like Funk, was dancing music. This music was electric and brought along a new sense of fashion. Songs of his genre were happy and upbeat. The music you would find at clubs was Disco. Disco got its name from discotheques, or clubs where they played Disco music. Songs like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was upbeat and had a strong rhythm. Michael Jackson himself was known for his dance moves and style.

After a phase of Punk Rock we find Grunge music. This style was created through the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal ideas. Anyone could be a Grunge artist or be in a Grunge band. Despite the simple way in the vocals and instruments couldn’t be done by just anyone. Grunge had its own sound to is. The artists of Grunge were considered dirty because they never seemed to be clean. One band called Sound Garden wrote dark songs.

One song called ‘Black Hole Sun’ is gloomy and sad. The lyrics say “black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain.” Many Grunge artists died from drug overdose or suicide. When it came to their performances they were often wild and careless on stage and other times they would be gloomy.The music evolved but the behavior stayed the same when the sub genre of New Wave came to be.

New Wave artists were also known for drugs and “trashy behavior.” Their song had exaggerated beats and simple lyrics. One band was called The Go-Go’s. Their music made you wanna dance to the beat. An upbeat song written by The Go-Go’s is ‘We Got the Beat.’ Their music is like surfer music. This brought along a sense of pop music.In the end, Hip Hop/Rap music came to be.

This subgenre continued the honest and sometimes dark lyrics but also was sometimes hopeful in a way. The fast paced rhythm was introduced. Songs often are written about drug and gun violence. Tis music was first created in the Bronx. Conditions there were terrible and people created their music with records. They had disc jockeys and MCs.

Disc jockeys would scratch records to make new sounds and they’d repeat a beat over while the MCs in a way rapped to the music. Today we have many rap artists including Ludacris.This is how music has become what it is today. We went from the slow blues from Muddy Waters to Ludacris rapping as ast as he can.

If I had to guess what is next I would guess that it would be some type of pop rock. Work Citedhttps://prezi.com/user/yqng94ztib-t/