His the eye sees the facade in the same

His responses were not towards math itself, nor mathematicians, yet towards reliable repudiation to his subject of the modulor which he referred to as his “invention”.Which conferred to a facility which would be used as a sure measure, which had unlimited choice of combinations within the modulor which the choice would be yours. All of his work comes out of passion and the seekment of proof in a life which he had to match forward in and cease, where the modulor created a unitary state of aggressionated textural description in interior and exterior facades/aspects of a building in its final architectural form of harmony. As the eye sees the facade in the same way a painter sees a painting, with each proportion as perfect, strict, as it could be in the objective of its core meaning. Urbanism and architecture, where large buildings stand out in a landscape, was not the way he wanted to approach architecture. He didn’t want it to appear from the first glance on site, as the eye goes beyond frontal views, and tiers. Where a ground retreats into its distance, a satiable and less intellectual harmony stands into one’s mind. His interest in basic forms and structures of natural phenomenon , and as he comes from a family that encourages musical education he was able to appreciate the craving and harmony through pythagorean number ratios. The modulor was presented to provide a harmonic scale of measurements using the human scale, to being used universally through mechanics and architecture from the base of mathematics through the proportions of the vitruvian man. This promoted the familiar logo of the “michelin man”. He has opposed a lot of thoughts and negativity coming towards him throughout the years of discovery and even after the presentation of the modulor man, his responses to some were printed in the minds of many. They go as follow:”I will fight against any formula and any set of instruments which take away the least particle of my freedom. I want to keep freedom so intact that at the very moment when the golden figures and diagrams point to a perfectly orthodox solution i may reply: that may be so, but it is not beautiful. And i conclude, once and for all: i do not like this, i do not feel it with my taste, my flair, all the intuition of which i have a good enough share to know when i must decide that here is something i do not want.”